Prison Simulator: Age Rating

Since the game that we are creating is a Prison Simulator the age rating category that we selected this for was the 35+ and there are a couple reasons for this. The first is that we decided to make this game a 2D side scroller it doesn’t appeal so much tot he younger audience as they have been brought up in the new intense visual games whereas 35+ feel nostalgic with these games. The second reason is due to it being set within a prison it means that this is a harsh but realistic environment that contains violence and drugs. These are not good influences on the younger audience.

I feel like this was the correct category for this game however if the setting was different it could possibly be within another category as the art style shows bright, vibrant colours which relate to a younger audience.


Prison Simulator: More Props

Looking at my to-do list I began to draw a variety of different props that would fill each different room. I first started by focusing on just one wing so that the amount of props that I had to create was a reasonable amount. Some of the props I will be using the concepts I created such as the Medical bed whereas others I had to recreate, such as the chemistry set. These pictures show a variety of props from different rooms such as the staff room, the cell, the med bay, and the electrical room. Each prop is made so that it looks like it belongs in that room. For example, the generator I used a reference picture from the internet for the shape so that It appeared heavy and very mechanical making it stand out if not in the right room. For the generator, I didn’t want it to just be plain and gray therefore I decided to add some greens and browns. The reason I added the browns was so that it could give the illusion of rust and that these generators have been here for many years. The green was because of sewer pipes and I thought this would be a good signifier of the pipes that contains fluids. The reason hat I created two versions of the x-ray machine is because it can be turned on and off. One image shows the on mode which contains a light which shines down onto the player

Reflecting on this I feel like I am slowly progressing with these props however due to the lack of detail I am unsure how they will look in the final product. Since it is a 2d game we are restricted on the amount of detail so I will just have to see how it pans out and if I will have to recreate some of the props. I also gave some of the props a 2.5D feel so that perspective could be used within our game and it also allows me to give more detail to the prop.

Prison Game: 2D Side Scroller

Recently our group had decided to change the game to a 2D side scroller as we thought it would be more unique also make the project  more manageable as there is only three people within the group. This means that I will have to redesign some of the props that I have already created, however, this shouldn’t take too long.

As well as this it also means that we will have to redesign our layout as the player will not be able to maneuver the same way as before. IF we keep the same prison layout it would mean that the player has to walk around the outside of each room so that they can make their way around the map.

This affected each group member in a different way. The person in charge of character design now had to create fewer sides as well as fewer animations. I would have to only create 2D objects. Finally, the person in charge of level design would now have to make the levels appear from the side, technically only showing half of the room.

Due to the fact that this is now a 2D side scroller it meant that no work had t be done in a program such as Sketchup or 3DS Max. Instead, the concepts themselves could be used for the final product.

Research would now be done on existing 2D side scroller on how they optimize their game utilizing as many features as possible within a 2D space.


Prison Game: Padlet

For our group project, we decided to use a website called Padlet where we could all add the research that we have done as well as our to-do lists. It would also allow us to easily edit work and then reupload it so that someone else can then work on it.

Prison Game: HUD

for the game, we decided that we wanted to have a visible HUD that would display things such as a progression bar, a health bar, a stamina bar, and an equip slot. I created multiple different layouts that were simple and showed these statistics in different ways and at different parts of the screen. We didn’t know if we wanted to have a mini map or not so I included one on a few of the layouts but not all.

All of the members in my group will then take these different layouts and start to design them while also working on our each individual tasks.


Prison Simulator to-do list: Prop and Object Design


Terraria, Megaman 0, Maple Story, Rayman, Mario, Sonic, Azure Striker GUNVOLT

– Prison Cell (bed, toilet)
– Medical Bay (robot arms, Med pod, x-ray machine, chemistry set)
– Staff room (Coffee/ Vending Machine)
– Electrical (generator)
– Storage (boxes)
– Common Room (Television, table, chair)
– Warden (computer, desk, cabinet)
– Library (books)
– Kitchen (cooker, knives)
– Dining Hall( trash can, dining table, cans)
– Strip Room (contraband, scanning drones)
– Chapel (candles, organs)

– laundry (washine machine)
– Visiting area (phone)

Prison Design: Medical Robot Arm

For this task, I wanted to create pieces of futuristic technology that would be in the medical bay of the prison. I started off by creating a list that had all the possible objects that would be in this medical bay, futuristic or not

I used inspiration from red dwarf and iron man where there are robots that are just a multi-tool arm. I started off by drawing lots of different designs for this, inspired by things such as lamps, the death probes from Star Wars, and microphone stands.

After this was done I then proceeded to develop two of the designs further, creating alternate versions. One of the best things I liked about the first designs was that the main cable that powers the arm is visible, therefore I decided to wrap it around the arm leading up to the grabber.

In reflection to this, I feel like these designs are good however a lot of them are very similar. Never the less they all bring different shapes into the design which allowed me to even combine some of them when developing the designs further.


Prison Wing Concept

After we had finished the layout for our prison I then began to create concepts from one of the wings. The wing that I was creating concepts for contained rooms such as the med bay and the staff room rather than the cells themselves. The reason that I chose to do concepts of this was because I had already created a concept for the cells.

I did this by first creating the shape of the entire wing and outlining the rooms in SketchUp. I added the basics so that it was visible what each room was meant to be. For example, the staff room had chairs, a television, and a coffee machine. Once done I took screenshots of every room which I then used in photoshop to create the final concepts.

For the medical bay, I wanted to use colours which were associated with that  of a hospital. Typically this is  the colour red as it is the colour of blood and the logo. However, in past experiences, I have noticed that the main colour is actually blue as it looks clean and healthy. Therefore I decided to use this for the beds and for some of the furniture.

IN the staff room I opted for more wood like colours. It occurred to me that the chairs and tables would most likely be plastic however the colour would blend into much with the walls and not stand out, therefore I opted for the wood look. The sofa I made the typical red colour so that it looks cheap as they wouldn’t be fancy furniture within a prison. Finally, the vending machines were bright red and bright blue. This is so that they stand out as usually vending machines would be in public places and need to be visible from a distance. Therefore it looks as if these vending machines are second hand rather than specifically made for prisons.

The storage room was the same case as the shelving units would typically be grey but the colours would run into each other and it would be hard to tell where they began and ended, therefore I went fro the wood look. For the boxes, I went with a light orange/brown so they looked like cheap cardboard that had been damaged over time from things such as water.

Prison Layout

After I had created some basic concept art for the prison we then began to figure out the final layout for the prison. We used existing large structures such as the pentagon to come up with a unique shape that would allow our prison to have different areas for the different groups of people in the prison and for the different class of prisoner.

Our final layout for the prison was quite basic and we decided to go with the pentagon shape. In the center would be large corridors filled with the cafeteria and other places where the groups would cross over. In each wing would be the different groups. The courtyards would then be placed in the gaps between the wings. This would allow for multiple areas that could be used for different reasons.

The reason why we decided to make it so that the prison had different areas for the different people is because this is the inspiration that we gathered from existing television shows and movies. It also allows us to add unique gameplay that changes depending on which group the character chooses at the beginning of the game.


Prison Simulator:Concept Art

Similarly to what I did in my other projects, I decided to create a piece of concept art for the Prison Simulator. I wanted to show off one of the larger rooms in the prison that would have two floors and be surrounded by cells.

I did the usual process of creating a 3D model in SketchUp. This model was based on the sketches that I drew, which I showed in the previous post. This model was fairly easy to create as it mainly containing cell bars and the cell themselves were exactly the same.

I took the model into photoshop and used mainly grey colours as the research I did show that the colours and design are very simple. I Also used some dark browns fro the railings and the tables so that they appeared rusted. This was emphasised when I started to use the dodge and burn tool to show the light coming down from the ceiling as well as the age of the building.