Technology Extrapolation

Technology as been extrapolated in most if not all science fiction movies however we tend not to notice this. This can range from all types of thing such as weapons, vehicles, and computers. Some of these are associated with the future or science fiction just by thinking of that technology. These extrapolated devices give an immediate immersion into a futuristic world

The first example of a piece of technology that has been extrapolated from the modern day television mobile phone. This is holograms. Holograms are a piece of technology used in ‘Halo’ to communicate with each other, similar to a mobile device. Similar technology is available at this time due to the existence of projectors but the interactive hologram, which allows users to interact with the object hasn’t been invented and remains as piece of technology that has been extrapolated from modern devices.

Another good example is ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ The vehicles in this game such as the Star Destroyer are vehicles that do not exist in the modern time but are a part of science fiction. They have clearly been extrapolated from ships due to the triangular shape and curve to the bottom of the ship. These are then extrapolated from shuttle and space stations to create a giant space ship in the shape of a boat. This has created an extremely unique mode of transportation that was not seen before.


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