Prison Simulator:Concept Art

Similarly to what I did in my other projects, I decided to create a piece of concept art for the Prison Simulator. I wanted to show off one of the larger rooms in the prison that would have two floors and be surrounded by cells.

I did the usual process of creating a 3D model in SketchUp. This model was based on the sketches that I drew, which I showed in the previous post. This model was fairly easy to create as it mainly containing cell bars and the cell themselves were exactly the same.

I took the model into photoshop and used mainly grey colours as the research I did show that the colours and design are very simple. I Also used some dark browns fro the railings and the tables so that they appeared rusted. This was emphasised when I started to use the dodge and burn tool to show the light coming down from the ceiling as well as the age of the building.


Photoshop Self Portrait

To carry on experimenting with the dodge and burn tools I did a self portrait on photoshop from a picture taken a  couple of years ago. I used colour which were as similar to my hair and skin colour as possible.

I was happy with the final outcome however I feel like I could have done better on the lighting of the face but for a first attempt onto a human I don’t think its too bad. I will carry on experimenting with this and hopefully improve.