Mini Brief: Final Bridge Idea and Concept

Looking at all of the development work and ideas that I had gained from my experimentation I was able to decide on a final idea. I expanded on my previous medieval design so that It felt more finished. To help me with the final concept I also did a sketch to give me an idea of the what it would look like. Just in case I also wanted to experiment with the textures as I wanted it to be obvious that this bridge was made of stone, assuring that the theme was medieval. I decided that the narrative of this bridge was going to be that it was an entrance to a castle, possibly with an evil presence. I got this idea from the large intimidating structure of the pillar that acts as an entrance to the bridge. This was influenced by the previous research that I did on Wanbao showing the huge structure towering over the rest of the environment.

After finishing my sketches I went into Sketchup so that I could easily create a simple model of my bridge which gave me the correct perspective of my bridge. In my earlier stages of this project during my experimentation, I used photo bashing and I felt like this would also be a good time to do this. I used this method to gain the shape of the castle as well as the textures for the background items. The reason that I decided to do lava underneath the bridge rather than just water was because I wanted it to feel dangerous and was influenced to do this from my experimentation that I did when I was using the lasso technique to come up with different concepts for the bridge.

Due to the narrative that I decided I feel like this concept could work extremely well in all different types of games, the best being a role playing game. Due to the fact that I made the narrative a dangerous place where evil lurks, I feel like this would be the setting or entrance way to a boss fight. The intimidating structure and ‘trapped’ feel that this gives you, since the bridge is the only way in or out, gives the player an idea of what is about to follow.


In this project, I feel like I have looked more into my subject then I have done in the past and certainly experimented with different ideas before committing to the final idea. For the final concept, I felt like the photo bash and Sketchup technique was the most beneficial to me as it was simple, quick and allowed me to gain the basic outline for my image. Other techniques I used such as the Lasso tool and the drawing Pareidolia were more beneficial in the earlier stages of this project when I was experimenting and expanding Ideas as they allowed me to create Ideas that were unique and not influenced by previous bridges and pieces of artwork that I have seen. The final concept may not be the best that I have created but I wanted to make sure that I used new techniques in this one. The photo bash worked well with gaining the outline of the castle and the grassland, however, I feel like with the lava it looks odd and more like cheese than lava.

Mini Brief: Initial Bridge Sketches and Development

After finishing my research I decided to start drawing some initial sketches that will help me to gain a final Idea. At first, I wanted to familiarise myself with the different types of bridges, specifically the ones that I found the most interesting. II drew my own version of each of these bridges, trying to consider what visual element made them that type of bridge. For example, the long pillars and support cables clearly indicated that the bridge was either a suspension or cable-stayed type depending on if the cables were curved or straight.

I then moved on to designing my own type of bridge. Just like with my other projects I decided to use pareidolia scribbles as this would give me unique shapes. If I were to just start drawing to come up wth my initial ideas I would probably be heavenly influenced by popular bridges and bridges that I see on a day to day basis, such as the Humber Bridge. When drawing some of these bridges I could see lots which I felt could be further developed and add more detail to them.


Using all of these sketches I then developed some of the pareidolia sketches. I did this on the ones that I felt had potential and some of the other designs were abandoned. For example, the ‘cage’ looking bridge which is obviously a truss bridge I felt like it didn’t look unique and just looked like an already existing bridge, perhaps influenced by the research that I previously did. When developing my sketches I tried to create alternate designs so that in the future I can then expand on them further or possibly combine the designs and so that I could implement the different bridge types into my designs. Just to help with the next stages I also annotated my sketches so I roughly knew what each piece of the bridges was and what theme and time set fitted them the best. This would benefit me when applying a narrative and a background to the final concept.

Next, I will take these sketches and experiment with them in photoshop adding various different colours to fit the theme and the narrative. As well as this I’m going to make a real model using various craft items so that I can visualise all angles of my bridge and how it will work. This should lead me to my final idea

Mini Brief: Creating a Bridge

For Creative Futures we were given a mini brief of designing a bridge. The only requirement of this bridge was that it is an actual physical structure with the purpose of making a crossing over a gap or allowing access to a reachable place. The final piece can be in the form of a 3d model, a 2d concept, a 3d concept, or even an animatic.

I annotated the brief, breaking down each segment so that it was easier for me to have a step by step guide of how I should take this brief on. As well as this I also wrote down things which I feel will help me in the upcoming stages of this project. For example the different type of bridges that I know from my own knowledge.

My first step in this project will be to first look at the different types of bridges around the worlds and what makes them bridges that type and how they relate to one another. Using this I will then look at the work of others and what they have created and how this has had an influence on their outcome no matter what theme the bridge is in.