Semiotics Game Cover Analysis

The first graphical image cover that I will be looking at is from Bloodbourne. On the cover a man can be seen faced away from view so that only his back is visible, with a simple white background. This suggests a multiple of different things to the viewer, the first being that the character seems to be mysterious and unknown as the player can not see his face, as if he is trying to hide his identity. The second suggestion that this cover makes is that the enemy within the game, or the end goal, is within the white background as the characters focus is on that. The title of the game is shown in the center of the image in a simple font. This is cleverly done as it gives a clue as to what time the game is set in. The simple yet elegant font gives the impression that this game is set within the medieval ages. The character is also holding a gun in one hand and some form of melee weapon in the other which can suggest and represent a couple of different ideas. The first is that these weapons give more of a description of the character as the show him as a warrior.As well as this the weapons also give an idea about what the environment and atmosphere of the game is going to be like as the weapons do not look realistic, making this a fantasy game. This is also shown by the magical looking red and black mist surrounding the character.

The second graphical image is from an old game called MedIEvil. On this front cover a skeleton can be seen stood on a path in the center of the image. The most obvious suggestion that this makes is that this is the main character of the game that the player will play as due to the fact that he is centered in the image however since he is a skeleton it could also suggest that this is in fact the enemy of the game. Since the character is a skeleton this immediately tells us that this is a fantasy game due to it being unrealistic as they appear to be alive. In the background of the cover a castle can be seen covered by the darkness. As this is on the front cover it is most likely a significant place within the game however the darkness that covers it gives the impression that this may be the final part of the game as it is not fully revealed. As well as this it also suggests that this place has an evil presence because of the dark colours that can be seen. This is further backed up by the dark sky that gives the illusion of a dark power. The character can be seen in an heroic pose wearing armour and wielding a sword. This gives an idea about the characters backstory and about their attributes. Since he is in an heroic pose and looking towards the left of the cover, following the path down, it appears as if he is preparing for a fight as his sword is drawn.

Semiotics: Game Cover Anaylsis


Denotation: Signifier
The front cover of this game shows a man Covered in red patches, wielding weapons while looking out into the background. The clothes he is wearing are black with red patches. The background that he is staring off into a white background.

Connotation: Signified
The red patches on his clothes suggest that he has been in battle as it represents blood either from him or his enemies. This is then backed up by the fact that he is using weapons. The black mist that lingers on the character suggests a dark magic which helps explain what the game is about.This can then by connected to the fact that the character is facing away so that his face can not be seen, suggesting that he is the source of the evil and not actually the good character within this story.


Denotation: Signifier
A skeleton like character wielding a sword stands in a heroic pose on a path leading to a blacked out castle. Grass surrounds the path as well as trees. The background shows a night time setting.

Connotation: Signified
The character on the cover appears to be looking out into the distance which can suggest that an enemy is approaching as he is stood ready for battle with his sword in hand. The blacked out castle can suggest a story element of the game as it is not fully visible to the player. This suggest that it could be seen towards the end of the game





Game Adaptation Concept: Interior

For the interior concept I wanted it be part of a different environment that would feature at the beginning of the game. Therefore I decided that it would be a tavern in a medieval style so that the time set is immediately shown.

The same as before I first created the model in SketchUp. However because the concept art would be showing the interior I simple made a box as the exterior didn’t require any detail. Using props such as chairs, tables, and bottles to show that it was a tavern and other props that I imported from the 3D warehouse such as the bar and torches.

Once the model was complete I then positioned the camera too capture the main elements. I used a lot of oranges and browns when texturing so that most of the building appeared to be made from wood as a higher standard of building wouldn’t have been around then. Once done to show age on the walls and where the light was coming from I again used the burn and doge tool. This gave the building depth and added simple detail.