Further Texturing

I carried on experimenting creating textures using a variety of textures such as grass, wood, and stone. Most of these worked really well and the seam lines could not be seen. However I also tried a brick texture which didn’t work as it had a pattern which didn’t line up properly when the texture was multiplied even when i tried to remove the seams.

I will continue to create all different textures so that they look as good as possible and when imported in a large scale, the seams can not be seen.

Character Design: Explorer Concept 1 (Coloured)

Just like my other design I also added color to the first set of sketches that I created. I used similar colors to the other design so that the style of clothing was the same and possibly so that it could be a damaged version of that outfit. I went with gold for the buckle and the bracer so that it would stand out and look like the only piece of value on him.

N reflection to this design I feel like the colors I have used work well and give a time set for the character. The only part of the design that I am not happy with is the beard of the main character as I feel like it doesn’t fit in. With further practice, I think I can find a way to get past this issue.


Prison Game: HUD

for the game, we decided that we wanted to have a visible HUD that would display things such as a progression bar, a health bar, a stamina bar, and an equip slot. I created multiple different layouts that were simple and showed these statistics in different ways and at different parts of the screen. We didn’t know if we wanted to have a mini map or not so I included one on a few of the layouts but not all.

All of the members in my group will then take these different layouts and start to design them while also working on our each individual tasks.


Short Film: Update 1

After a couple of weeks, I have gathered some footage that we will be used in the movie. This includes shots for the firs and final scene. As well as this I have also created an image of a fake news website that gives information about the killer. I also made up other news so that the website didn’t appear empty. Since the killer is unknown I also included a blacked out silhouette of a man with a question mark to instantly show that his appearance is unknown.

My next steps will be to finish filming this upcoming week and prepare to edit.



Character Design: Explorer Concept 2 (Coloured)

With the sketches from the second concept sheet I then added color onto it in photoshop. I first re-drew it saw that the lines were more defined and clearly visible. I then began to add color. I made the character himself have a blonde hair color he is unique as more characters usually have brown hair, I also did this to contrast with the other colors that I would be using. These colors are mainly browns so that the armor and cloak look as if they are made from leather, and a light orange so that the tunic looks like it has not been cleaned and has faded in the sunlight.

In reflection to this, I feel like this design works really well and the colors that I have used add more depth to the character and show what his clothes are made out of. The only negative about this is that the character looks more animated which is only because it is concept art. When I come to creating the character in a realistic scale it may have fixed this. Next, I will do the same process to the other design so that I have more outcomes and more choices for the final design.


Character Design: Explorer Concept 2

After I finished the first design I wanted to create an alternate design inspired even more by the character from Thief. Since I want my character to be mysterious and little is known about him at the beginning of the game it would make seen that a lot of him is covered. Therefore he had a hood, alternate designs showing the hood down, and a bandanna to cover his face.

I wanted to make it so that some of this design was similar to the last one. For example the shoulder pad and the tunic. This means I could use both of the designs within the game and use it so that the design changes in the game because of an event or at a certain point.Just like my previous concept I organized all the sketches into a design sheet so that it is easily visible.

In reflection to this, I feel like this is a good start on this design and by having a hood and bandanna it reduces the likeliness of a disproportionate face. On the other hand, by creating an alternate face it helps me to increase this skill and also gives me more choices. My next steps will be to add color to this design in photoshop to bring the character to life and add more detail.




Character Design: Explorer Concept Sheet 1

With the inspiration that I had gained from my research, I began to draw up some different characters. Firstly I decided t go with the animated abnormal body shape that doesn’t rely on correct proportions. I wanted the character to be wearing the typical medieval clothes will having scratches and rips on his clothing. As well as this I still wanted the character to have some form of protection since they will be traveling to dangerous places. Therefore I decided to give the character a shoulder pad that would be held on by a strap attached to the characters built. Finally, I added pouches to the characters built since he is an explorer it is likely that he will want a place to store the artifacts that he collects.

To show the full visual of this concept I created a full rotation showing all four sides of the character. As well as this I also created an alternate head for the character which can show a whole different personality to the character and give them more of a clean and simple look. I showed all of these drawings by creating a character sheet on A3 in photoshop. Making it clearly visible which were the alternate heads and which was the main part of the concept.

Looking back at this work I am proud of the outcome of this design, however, I need to carry on with this body type, experimenting with different clothes to give me more options for the character. As well as this  also want to take this designs and apply them t a realistic human and see if that would be better or worse for my game.


Character Design: Explorer

The Explorer in my game will be the main character that the player uses. The reason that I decided that the main character will be an explorer is because it will give a reason or incentive for why he would try to find the Atlantis city, whether it be to prove its existence or collect artifacts.

I started off the design for this character by looking up at explorers in other games and also medieval characters. Specifically thief, Uncharted, and Tomb Raider. From the research gathered I already have lots of inspiration for multiple designs of the character. The clothes will be similar to that of the ‘Thief’ character in terms of the medieval clothing, for example, tunic and high boots. It will then be extremely weathered to show the effect of the exploration. This could have an effect similar to the damage in thew Arkham series where as the player progresses through the game the clothing is damaged.

My next step will be to take this inspiration and start to draw up some characters. I’m still unsure about how I want the characters to appear in my game, if i want them to be realistic and in proportion or if I would like them more animated and abnormal.

Texture Maping

For this task, we had to create tillable textures. We did this by first going out and getting pictures of things such as leaves, bricks, and gravel. We specifically got these textures as they are not simple. Once we had our textures we then had to take them into photoshop and fix them so that no seams could be seen when the texture was duplicated.

Firstly we made the size of the texture 512×512 as it is optimal to work with a power of two. We then added an offset so that the texture wraps around creating a horizontal and vertical seem in the middle. To remove this seem we then used the patch tool and the clone tool so that parts can be replaced with another part of the texture. The good thing about using these tools is that it tries to blend in around the edges of the part you are trying to patch meaning that it is more likely for that part to blend it. One rule that we had to remember when using these tools was to avoid erasing the seem at the borders. this is because the texture has an offset which means that it will wrap around.

I felt like I did an okay job at removing the seams on my first attempt however due to the different lighting on the texture it means that it didn’t line up when they were connected as the light cause a line through the middle.