Prison Simulator: Med Bay Props

With the sketches that I had created showing various different designs for common props that would be seen in the medical bay, I then decided to take these into photoshop and recreate them, smoothing them out and adding color. By doing this it allowed me to see which designs would work better. With all the props I used a variety of shades of gray as this is a very clean yet futuristic looking color that still adds depth to the prop.

In reflection to this, I can definitely see which designs work better however with some of them such as the med pod the choice was already made before color was added just due to the sketch. If I were to go back and design more of these props I may use pareidolia but it may not have a positive effect on my designs as these props have a unique shape that needs to be clearly visible. I will try to use this in the future props that I design to see if it will work.

Robot Concept: Design 4

I also created another texture design for the second robot that I created. This design was similar to the alternate design that I did for the first robot where I changed the texture to grey so that it looked more futuristic and armoured. This was the same with the green lights for the eyes and LEDs on the battery pack. I changed the colour of the crest from blue to red as it resembles the colour of real life ancient helmets. As well as this it also would stand out from the blue ocean since it is the opposite of it. The colour for this also means that robot makes more sense since the way it moves around is by flight it would appear futuristic.

I feel like this design works better in this scenario than the design for the first robot however it still does not work as good as the first design. The red crest works extremely well however the robot still doesn’t look like it has been there for centuries.

robot 4.png

Robot Concept: Design 3

After finishing both of the robots I decided to do a second texture variant of them which would change the theme of the robot. I decided to go for the grey texture to make it look more like a modern more armoured metal. To go with this I changed the colour of the eyes and cables to a bright green so that it appeared futuristic and as if the cables were acting more like tubing for fluid.

I felt like this design works well with the robot in making it look more lethal and armoured however it goes away from the fantasy ancient feel as if the robots has been there for centuries. This robot could be used in a future project or possibly even as a guard within the prison game as that has a sci-fi theme however the first concept works better for this project