Prison Layout

After I had created some basic concept art for the prison we then began to figure out the final layout for the prison. We used existing large structures such as the pentagon to come up with a unique shape that would allow our prison to have different areas for the different groups of people in the prison and for the different class of prisoner.

Our final layout for the prison was quite basic and we decided to go with the pentagon shape. In the center would be large corridors filled with the cafeteria and other places where the groups would cross over. In each wing would be the different groups. The courtyards would then be placed in the gaps between the wings. This would allow for multiple areas that could be used for different reasons.

The reason why we decided to make it so that the prison had different areas for the different people is because this is the inspiration that we gathered from existing television shows and movies. It also allows us to add unique gameplay that changes depending on which group the character chooses at the beginning of the game.



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