Prison Game: 2D Side Scroller

Recently our group had decided to change the game to a 2D side scroller as we thought it would be more unique also make the project  more manageable as there is only three people within the group. This means that I will have to redesign some of the props that I have already created, however, this shouldn’t take too long.

As well as this it also means that we will have to redesign our layout as the player will not be able to maneuver the same way as before. IF we keep the same prison layout it would mean that the player has to walk around the outside of each room so that they can make their way around the map.

This affected each group member in a different way. The person in charge of character design now had to create fewer sides as well as fewer animations. I would have to only create 2D objects. Finally, the person in charge of level design would now have to make the levels appear from the side, technically only showing half of the room.

Due to the fact that this is now a 2D side scroller it meant that no work had t be done in a program such as Sketchup or 3DS Max. Instead, the concepts themselves could be used for the final product.

Research would now be done on existing 2D side scroller on how they optimize their game utilizing as many features as possible within a 2D space.



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