Character Expressions

Expanding further with my character design I decided to have a go at creating character expressions. I did this by first drawing simple ovals and then contour lines which gave the roundness of the shape and showed me where the features should go. I did this so that I could make it appear as if the character was either looking to the left or right or up or down. I tried to make these look as similar to my game character as possible however in some of the expressions I feel like this is less obvious.

Reflecting on this I feel like the technique of using guidelines that show the direction of the face is something that helped me a lot and allowed me to easily position the features quickly. This is something that I will use more in the future when designing characters.



Game Adaptation: Summary Post


To start off this project we had to come up with a pitch for our game. We did this by looking at existing media and then adapting it to create our own idea. We then had to describe our game idea in one sentence.

Game Pitch

The Project

Media Research


After learning some basic tools in Photoshop and learning SketchUp I began to create a variety of concept art pieces that gave visual to what the environments within my game would look like. I made an interior and an exterior. I wanted these to be of important places within my game, therefore I decided that the exterior will be of Atlantis, and the interior will be a tavern that the player starts in. As well as this we also looked into research on how video games have been extrapolated from real life environments. The final part of the environment segment was graphic imagery. This is things such as shop fronts in games which are similar to what real life shops look like

Tavern Interior

Atlantis Exterior

Extrapolation Environment

Extrapolation Technology

Extrapolation Monster’s

Graphic Imagery

Props, Objects, and Vehicles

Since the environments appear empty on their own we then had to create props, objects, and a vehicle to go with them. I started this by creating a list of all different types of objects that would be in either of these environments. I then developed these props in photoshop adding colour and shadows. I also created vehicles using the pareidolia technique and then further developed one of the ideas.

Props and Objects

Dead Creatures

Coloured Props


Final Vehicle Concept

Character Designs

The research for this included what makes an iconic character, including branding. For my game, I had three main characters which would either be important to the plot or appear multiple times within the games. I decided to take two of these and develop them and create designs. I started off using silhouettes for the human, and pareidolia for the robot so that the characters looked unique. I then added detail onto them before taking them into photoshop. In photoshop I created multiple versions of both characters that had either a different design or a different colour scheme. To gain more of a visual for these characters I created rotations sheets that show all four sides of the characters.

Iconic Characters

Robot Research

Robot Design 1

Robot Design 2

Robot Design 3

Robot Design 4

Robot Pareidolia

Final Robot

Robot Rotations

Explorer Research

Explorer Concept 1

Explorer Concept 1 (Coloured)

Explorer Concept 2

Explorer Concept 2 (Coloured)

Character Expressions

Animatic and Storyboards

By creating a storyboard, and animatic it allowed me to visualize a scene within my game, whether this is a gameplay scene or a cutscene. To start this we completed a side project based on a piece of text where we had to create the environment described, and then animate it using After Effects. I created a storyboard for this so that I easily knew what animations were going to happen and how long each animation lasted for. This was good practice for me when it came to doing the same thing for my game. However, instead of creating new environments and props for this animatic I simply used the concepts that I had previously created.





Finished Animatic

Atlantis Animatic


Since most common games have a map where the player can see where they are and how to get to a certain area, I thought it would be fitting to create a variety of maps for my game. As well as this it also helps give the player an idea of how big the game actually is. The maps I decided to create where of the two major cities that the player visits in the game and a map of the entire world. When creating the world map I gave little thought to the shape of the islands as this allowed the map to appear unique and less like other popular fiction maps. For the city maps, I thought about major places that the player would need to visit and built the world from there.

World Map

Heicron Map

Atlantis Map

Final Concept

After all, my pieces of concept art where complete the only thing left was to create a final piece which would act as a poster for my game. I created this using inspiration from the maps that I created as well as the earlier pieces of concept art. I then wanted a title to be included on this poster so that it was obvious this was a poster rather than just a piece of concept art.

Title and Font

Final Concept Poster

Game Adaptation: Final Concept

To make this final concept I began by going into SketchUp and used the 3D warehouse to create a scene containing a pier and several rocks. I then took a screenshot which I could then use in photoshop. The reason that I did this is because it would easily give me the correct perspective and give me the basic shape for my concept. I used my regular tool in photoshop to create the concept which is the burn and dodge so that I could achieve shadows and texture for the water and wood. Since I wanted my character to be in the poster I thought it would make more sense to use the image from the character sheet rather than spend time redrawing the same character. So that the character didn’t look out of place I used the ‘bevel and emboss’ effect and adding a shadow and highlight to the character so that it appeared as if the sun was lighting half of them up.

Choosing a font for the title was hard since all the fantasy fonts that I found were either very similar or ridiculous. The three that I selected were all fairly simple but each of them had a unique quality. I Tested each font against the concept, repositioning the words and seeing if it fitted or not. I finally came to a decision on which font to use and found that the title fit perfectly within the sun.

Since the concept so far only contained the character and the environment I also wanted to show a prop or vehicle that I had created. I decided to include the airship as this would should the theme of the game, that being fantasy.

Reflecting on the final concept I feel like it captures the setting of my game as well as giving subtle hints to what the game may be about and what it involves. Not a lot of detail is included within the concept which could be a downside, however, I prefer this as the detail that it does have causes the viewer to look upon it and gain questions about what significance these parts have.



Final Concept: Idea and Title

We all of the art and game lore that I have created it is now time to create a final piece of concept art that will act as the poster for this game. My Idea for this is to show the rocks which I previously showed on the world map. These will be on the right side of the screen so that it applies to the rule of thirds. On the left will be a pier with the main character of the game looking out into the sea. Some of this will be created using pieces of concepts that I have already made. However, alot of this will be new.

Since this will act as the game poster it should show the title of the game on it which causes a problem since There isn’t one. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what the title could be. By doing research into previous games I noticed that the major triple A games go for short stories that give an insight into the game without giving away the entire plot. A good example of a game that does this is Halo. Since my game is about a character exploring the world in search of this ancient city there are a couple of initial ideas that come to mind. These are ‘The Explorer’, ‘The Journey’, and finally ‘Atlantis’. These titles are all simple however I feel like if the game was to be called Atlantis then there is no mystery to solve as the player knows the name of the city and can work the rest out from there. ‘ The Explorer’ suggests details about what the attributes of the character will be which I think contradict what the characters design is as the idea is that his background and personality is unknown. This leaves me with ‘The Journey’ which implies that this is an open world exploring game, yet doesn’t give away where the character is going and why.

The font that I will use has to scream out that this is a fantasy medieval game meaning that the font must be fancy and elegant.





Game Adaptation: Vehicles

for my environment, I noticed that I had a range of different characters, props, and creatures, however, I did not have any type of vehicle. Since the major part of my game will be set in the water I thought that it was fitting to create a boat. I started off using the pareidolia technique so that it would give me unique shapes.

The boats that I created where a mixture of fantasy, medieval and modern. I took these designs into photoshop where then added color to show what materials these boats were made from. Two of the ships appeared to be more modern so I decided to use grays so that they appeared to be made out of metal. I used the burn and dodge tool to show the rust of the metal and also the shadows. For the other ship, I colored it brown so that It appeared to be made out of wood as this would have been the most likely material that the ships was made from. In this case, I used the burn and dodge tool fro a different purpose as it was more to give the grain of the wood so that it didn’t look plain.

I feel like these are a good variety of designs that show different types of boats that could possibly exist within my environment. I could now develop these designs further so that they include more detail and give me an even better idea of what the final product would look like. If I am able to I would also like to try modeling one of these in 3ds max as I feel like this would be the best way to gain a 360 view of the ship.



Game Adaptation: Animatic

To visualize what a cutscene would look like in my game I created an animatic similar to the one I created in the side project. Instead of creating new components for the animatic I used most of the concept art which I have previously shown.

I had the idea in my head that it would be when the character first arrives into Atlantis and the only sign of life would be the creatures and robots.

I started off this animatic by creating a storyboard which would help me remember what movements each part would be doing as well as timings. The storyboard didn’t have to be detailed as it was mainly used for planning.

I created the final animatic in after effects using mainly the scale and position tool to give the illusion of movement and so that the pieces became smaller as if they were further away from view.

In reflection to this, I feel like this animatic does help me visualize a cutscene however I feel like I could improve upon it massively by creating new components as well as a new scenario. Since this is only one location within my game I could also create an animatic for the other major locations such as the opening scene within the tavern.


Game Adaptation: World Map

With both of the maps for the main cities in the game created I now wanted to create a world map. This would not be used by the player to find their way around but more for the emersion of the game and as an indicator of how large the world is.

When drawing the map I gave the shape no thought and started off by drawing squiggles that looked unique and like islands. I then went over these squiggles making them more defined and ‘island like’. I needed to find a place on the map where Atlantis would be located. I used the largest spot of open water and signified that this would be where Atlantis it by having a cluster of rocks. I then added city names among all the islands as well as ‘mysterious rocks’ where Atlantis would be.

Similar to how I came up with Heron I used the Fantasy City name generator to get my desired city names. I made sure that some of the names appeared more elegant and upper class as these would be used for the capitals of each island. For the positioning of the city, I made sure that cities such as Velcro and Heron were next to the coast as these cities would have docks.

In reflection, to this map, i feel like it is extremely unique and would not be mistaken for any other fictional maps that have been created. I also feel like I found a good technique for creating this map, giving it very little thought and just letting the pencil go where it wanted to.


Game Adaptation: Heicron Map

After finishing the map for the Atlantis city I also wanted to create a map for the beginning city of my game, however, I didn’t have a name for this city. All I knew was that wanted the name to sound fantasy and that it was obvious that this wasn’t a real place. What I decided to do for this was to use a Fantasy City Name Generator. This way I would have a unique name for my city that even I didn’t come up with.

Next, I drew out the plan for the city. I did this sort of randomly, adding paths in any direction, however, a couple of things I knew where I wanted to put them. the first being the dock. The city must have a dock as there has to be a way for the character to venture out to the sea in the first place to find Atlantis. Next, I also knew that I wanted a large tavern in the map as this was a piece of concept art that I created and would be the starting place of the game. I had an image in my head of a long path leading from the tavern to the dock so that some of the city would be explored before moving on. The rest of the city I created randomly while still making sure that it looked normal and like a typical city layout.

The layout of this city turned out to be widespread and natural, looking like all of the paths and bridges belong where they do. This map benefits me massively in visualizing what the city would look like and it will also help me when creating future concept art



Game Adaptation: Coloured Props

Using the props that I have previously created I decided to take them into photoshop and add color. This would help identify what material that prop is made from and give me an idea of how the finished prop would look. For the brooms, I mainly used browns so that it looked like wood as this is the common material used for creating brooms. As for the cups, I decided to use a range of different colors, each for different purposes. For the wine glass, I made it appear like it was made from gold as if this cup would be used by the richer character. I was inspired to d this by existing cups such as chalices. The other two bottles I wanted to be made out of glass, however, I didn’t want them to be see through as this would negate from the texture. Typically beer bottles are a dull brown color. I felt like this suited one of my bottles since it had the typical beer bottle shape. As for the other bottle I wanted it to appear more magical as potions would be kept within this. therefore I used green so that it looked like a high-quality glass.

Reflecting on this these coloured props help show me what materials I think they would be made out of and help visualize them within a scenario. I do feel like the colouring on some of the props could be improved if created again in a larger scale with more detail.



Game Adaptation: Pareidolia Creatures

To gain more visual for the game adaptation project I created concepts using the pareidolia technique. From the creatures that I created, I then took three of them into photoshop so that I could add color and have a better understanding of what these creatures would look like. So that the colors weren’t simple I used the burn tool to make the creatures look dirty and add shadow in certain places.

I feel like these designs are good in the fact that they are extremely unique and different from one another. I do feel like Imay need to continue experimenting to create more creatures, especially ones that appear more frightening.