Mini Brief: Research on Bridges

Starting this mini project I wanted to look at what the different types of bridges are and how they are classified as that type.

Arch Bridge

The first type of bridge is an arch bridge. This is probably the most traditional type of bridge and is usually used on a smaller scale, for example just as a river crossing. The reason this is called an arch bridge is because the underside of the bridge which gives it support is in a curved shape adding strength at either end. These bridges are not only used across rivers as they are also used to cross chasms or gaps between mountains, especially with for the use of trains.

Suspension Bridge

The suspension bridge is probably the first image that comes into anyone’s head when they hear the word bridge. A suspension bridge is where the main platform of transportation is held by cables that connect to pillars in the ground, hence the name suspension bridge. The most iconic suspension bridge would be The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, however, there is also the Humber Bridge, here in Hull. Looking at both of these bridges it is easy to see the similarities in the way that they are designed. The cables that hold the bridge balanced appear as if they aren’t actually doing anything as it looks like they are loose as they curve down rather than tightly held in place. Some of the first ever suspension bridges ever made were not steel but in fact made from twisted grass. Just visualising this seems a cool concept that could be used in all different types of environments.

Beam Bridge

The beam bridge is the simplest of all the types of bridges and is also known as a ‘girder’ bridge. This bridge has a box-like shape usually with large diagonals railings on either side. These bridges are usually to cross large rivers and have been designed so that they can raise to let boats pass by. As well as this the main reason these bridges exist is because the box like shape allows them to support extremely heavy weights as the middle is designed to dip inwards to compensate for this. This gives me an idea of what this type of bridge would look like if were destroyed or untamed, dipping in the middle and possibly bending out of shape.

Truss Bridge

A Truss bridge is a type of bridge which that has a ‘wavy’ like the pattern and has a very rigid structure. It has been designed like this so that the weight load of what it is carrying is spread out to te entire bridge so that it con contain an extremely high amount of weight. These used to be very commonly used bridges before the industrial revolution and were mainly made out of food. These are extremely cool looking bridges and in my opinion look extremely modern. I feel like they would look good in a fantasy style of game.

Cantilever Bridge

This type of bridge is basically multiple truss bridges that are connected in the middle with something called a ‘cantilever’ These are often the largest of the types of bridges as its width span can be over 1500 feet. As well as this is it obviously extremely strong since it is designed using the truss bridge. Since it usually has a high span you would presume that it doesn’t have a high weight. The design of this bridge is simple to that of the Truss Bridge if not a combination of that and the Suspension bridge, however, I feel like It doesn’t look as unique and interesting as the other types.

Cable-Stayed Bridge

The cable-stayed bridge has a very simple design to the suspension bridge and even a very similar appearance, however, there are differences between the two. This bridge has one pillar anchored into the ground which is usually centred. IT then has multiple cables spanning to either side of the bridge. These cables are not slack like the suspension bridges but are extremely tight. Looking at some of the existing bridges of this type they appear to be extremely modern and look the most unique of all the types. One bridge which I found appeared to a curved pillar at one side with the cables then stretched to the opposite side. This is a very sci-fi looking design which gives me lots of inspiration for my bridge.





Truss Bridge



Improvement on Human Anatomy

After looking back on the previous sketches that I did on human anatomy I decided that I wanted to try and improve on this further by drawing some more using different techniques that would allow me to easily put the character into a pose. In my first attempt, the gender of the characters that I drew was unclear and I tried to make sure that I improved on this in this attempt. I also wanted to attempt drawing different body types. Since a lot of video games tend to use larger muscle characters I thought it would make sense for me to learn how to draw these style of character. Most games also go for the realism aspect which means that the characters have to be in the correct proportion so that they mimic the real life counterpart. Comparing these drawings to my previous ones I can already see an improvement however they are far from perfect. This is something I need to keep doing as I will improve the more that I do it.


Mini Brief: Children’s Book Adaptation

The aim of this brief is to adapt an existing children’s book into a role playing game. we were given a book at random so that we were not biased and had our hearts set on a specific choice. The book which my group is adapting is ‘The Wizard Of Oz’.

I am glad that we got this book as there are lots of different elements to the story as well as a wide range of characters that we can explore and adapt upon. The story of a wizard of oz is very straight forward allowing us to have a good starting point which we can they add our own creative input upon.

The first step of this brief will be to go and read the book so that I can take all of the main plots points out of it as well as the character attributes and main elements of the environments. The reason I will read the book rather than watch the movie is because movies tend to skip out of parts from the book and miss out on important things. In my case, this could mean that I can lose out on something that would make for a good part of a game.

The Wizard Of Oz

Mini Brief: Creating a Bridge

For Creative Futures we were given a mini brief of designing a bridge. The only requirement of this bridge was that it is an actual physical structure with the purpose of making a crossing over a gap or allowing access to a reachable place. The final piece can be in the form of a 3d model, a 2d concept, a 3d concept, or even an animatic.

I annotated the brief, breaking down each segment so that it was easier for me to have a step by step guide of how I should take this brief on. As well as this I also wrote down things which I feel will help me in the upcoming stages of this project. For example the different type of bridges that I know from my own knowledge.

My first step in this project will be to first look at the different types of bridges around the worlds and what makes them bridges that type and how they relate to one another. Using this I will then look at the work of others and what they have created and how this has had an influence on their outcome no matter what theme the bridge is in.



Vehicle Concept: Final Vehicle

Sketchup Model

After finishing all of my sketches I then went into Sketchup and created a simple version of my final sketch. I did this by combining multiple different objects from the warehouse including an existing sci-fi jet, a raptor, and jet thrusters. The model was crudely put together and had lots of gaps but it was enough to give me a better idea for my final concept. I then added my own pieces so that everything fit together correctly. With this done I then took multiple screenshots which I could use as a guide in photoshop as it gave me the correct perspective of my model without me having to try to figure it out.


In photoshop I used the screenshots from Sketchup as well as the sketches to draw the outline for my model. This allowed me to create the side view, the front, and the back of my jet. I create the outlines and then began to add the colour. Using the previous reference pictures of fire trucks I wanted my jet to be the same colour scheme so that its purpose was obvious. Therefore I made the jet red with a white stripe. Just like with the other concepts that I created I used the burn and dodge tool so that my jet had weathering, detail, and shadow. The reasoning behind the orange cockpit window rather than the blue is because I felt like this is more unique and fitting to the theme of the vehicle while also adding to the sci-fi feel. I also added the number ‘F7’ as from the vehicles and just from vehicles that I have seen I have noticed that all service vehicles have a unique tag so that they know which vehicle is which. IN this case, I did F since its a fire truck, and the seven was random.


Looking back on this project I feel like I have gone about the execution in the proper way as I did enough research and initial ideas before I moved on to the next step. I made sure my work was presented as professionally as possible and that my ideas were my own showing what inspired me and how I got to the final outcome. If I were to go back and redo this project I feel like I may do more photoshop concepts as this was the first mini brief was the only concept work that I did was the final version. As well as this I may create an environment for my ships such as a spaceport or just a sky scenery. This way it gives a setting and shows what the ship is like in use. The reasoning behind the colours that I used in the final concept reflects on the real life counterpart to this vehicle.

When completing this mini brief I made sure that I used the design process so that I  paced myself and spent enough time on each part of the project. The design project mainly included Research, Design, Develop, Present, Develop, Refine, Present. I used this process by gaining initial ideas and then expanding on them to a point where I felt like they had to be abandoned or could be further developed. This then led me to refine and create my final outcome

Use of this Project

This project could be used mainly for science fiction or fantasy games, most likely in 3D as The concepts I developed to show the model in 3D. This vehicle could not be used in any game as the style and design of it means that it only fits within certain time sets. For example, this vehicle would look very out of place in a medieval game and would look odd in a modern game as the technology of this vehicle would appear more futuristic then the surrounding objects


Vehicle Concept: Developed Ideas

Carrying on with my sketches I decided to take some of my initial ideas and develop them further. I looked at multiple of the designs that I started with and improved on them further and even combined some of the designs together as I felt like this was the only way that development could be made. I went into more detail with these drawings and experimented with different types of water cannons and jet engines. Looking at the real life versions and what they roughly look like. The reason I did this is so that on the final design the canon would look like a water canon and not a gun, and the jet engines would look like jet engines.

Some of my initial designs were abandoned when trying to develop them as I felt like they didn’t make much sense and that the initial design was as far as I could go with these. The best example of one of the abandoned designs is the motorbike. This design may have been unique but I felt like I was limited on how I could design it and yet keep it looking like a bike. I want my vehicle to be realistic and by having lots fo equipment and detail on this design it just wouldn’t look right.

Reflecting on this I feel like I am making good progress with this mini project, exploring all my options and developing as much as possible. Now that I have narrowed down my ideas I can begin to create a real life model and a sketch up version before I proceed into photoshop. The initial research that I did has impacted me a lot in my development stage as I have used similar techniques and try to adapt from the themes of these artists. This is shown by the use of simple smooth shapes that make u my vehicles, using lots of curves which give it a unique shape

Vehicle Concept: Initial Sketches and Ideas

Starting off the design of this vehicle I decided to use the pareidolia technique to gain lots of different shaped vehicle that would be unique and nothing like already existing vehicles. Just from doing this, I could already see a theme happening as all the ships and motorbikes started to look sci-fi. I continued with this technique until I felt like I had a reasonable amount of drawings.

Looking at these drawings I then decided to expand on them further drawing larger scale versions which were more refined and included more detail. Since these are still just initial concepts I didn’t go overboard with the amount of detail, instead, I tried to just show the main features. I created multiple different versions of each drawing so that I had more ideas which I could then further develop and even fuse together with another to create my final idea. With all of these designs, I wanted it so that it wouldn’t be clear what this vehicle was used for. The reason I did this is because in real life and in most movies the same model vehicle is used for different purposes and just modified to show that purpose. The only part of the design which related to the fire truck was that all of the sketches has the water.

Reflecting on this I feel like this is a good start into this mini project. I need to continue what I am doing, experimenting with lots of different designs and developing them as far as I can before I settle for the final one. I like how the shapes of the jets are turning out as they appear to have the futuristic theme however vehicles such as the motorbike look modern. I will try developing them further to correct this.

Vehicle Concept: Fire Truck and Vehicle Research

Initial Idea

My Initial idea for this mini brief is to design some sort of fire truck. The reason I want to do this service vehicle is because these are rarely seen in video games in different themes rather than just realistic. I am unsure at the moment what type of vehicle this will be or what theme but with some basic idea generation and research I will quickly find a design.

Fire Trucks

Looking at real life fire trucks it is clear that the design of them is fairly similar no matter where you go in the world, however, I want to move away from this design and create my own interpretation of it in a different time set. The only piece I want to definitely take from eh real design is the gun which fires the water as this is the major identifier to what the purpose of the vehicle is.

Vehicle Research:


Looking at various different images on the internet of jets it is clear that they are designed in a specific way so that they are more aerodynamic. The basic shape of most fighter jets is a triangle. The engine is usually exposed at the back so that it propels quickly extremely fast. Not only is this done for function but adds to the character of the jet making it unique as these are obviously very expensive and make the jet look ‘cooler’. If I were to go with this form of vehicle it is certainly something that my design would need to have. However, it could also be adapted to a fantasy car as this is not realistic but would still function the same.

Car and Motorbike

The car is the most common and obvious form of transportation and is the current form of the real life fire truck. By general knowledge I know the simple design of a car and that it has 4 wheels, a bonnet, a boot, and the seating area. Franchises such as Star Wars have taken this basic design and given it a sci-fi touch by making it hover but keeping the simple shape of the vehicle. This is certainly a common form of transportation that would be easy to develop into my own design however, I feel like it is not unique and is too similar to the real life version.

Motorbikes are a form of a vehicle similar to cars except that they can only have 2 people on them and they only have 2 wheels. This is a much smaller vehicle that has an easy simple design. This could be a good form to use for my fire truck as it would be extremely unique and practical as I could design a motorbike that had the signifying features of a fire truck with the small sleek style of a bike.

Reflecting on this research I feel like there are lots of different types of vehicle that my idea could be. The most unlikely are the car since this is similar to the already existing fire truck. The jet would be the most unique as this is an air vehicle and can be designed in all different types of ways. I will have to experiment with my designs before settling on a final vehicle.

Futuristic Vehicles

Since my vehicle is going to be futuristic I thought it would make sense to look at existing concept art for futuristic vehicles to give me inspiration on how I can use this theme for my vehicle. Looking at a piece of work from Tron Legacy, created by Daniel Simon, I can immediately see a technique which he used to show the sci-fi element of this vehicle. What Daniel did was have a long yet thin shape for the body of the vehicle which appears to be extremely curved yet smooth. This has been designed purposely like this so that it can only fit one person inside. This adds to the futuristic theme as well as the sleek body is a simplistic element commonly associated with futurism. I feel like this has worked extremely well in Daniels work as I can immediately see the desired theme. I also think that by using these large vehicles he has combines two different types of vehicles as the body reminds me of a sporty race car due to its small shape, whereas the large wheels suggest an off-road vehicle. By combining the two it creates a fantasy vehicle as this is something, not realistic.


Vehicle Concept Artist: Atomhawk

Atomhawk is a concept art company that make all different pieces of concept for various movies and video games. This obviously includes vehicles. Lots of different art styles can be seen on the various pieces of concept art, however, the main theme is fantasy. ASll the vehicles resemble something abnormal.

One piece on their website shows a concept of a racing cart which, due to the art style, seems to be relating to a younger audience. The concept shows a crudely put together vehicle using things found around the house and wood. This is purposely done to show that this cart has been created by a child because of their imagination in adapting real-world items into this vehicle. What I like about this concept is that multiple versions of the cart can be seen which add more choice to what the final game vehicle will look like. It also shows that these could be possible upgrades to the vehicle within the game. The basic wooden cart is what the player would start off with and they would eventually work their way up to the refined metal cart.

A lot of inspiration can be taken from this piece of concept art, especially with the style that the artist has used. The style immediately shows the target audience and this is probably the closest to my art style that II have seen in other peoples work. I also love the fact the multiple final versions have been shown which is something that I could definitely take on board. Looking at this work and the work from the previous artists there are certain themes and techniques which I have picked up on. Since the aim of these vehicles is too look sci-fi, the artist has used lots of curved lines to show smooth, simple shapes which look like they would just glide through the wind.


Vehicle Concept Artist: Todd Marshall

Todd Marshall is actually a character designer but has created multiple different pieces for vehicle design. The pieces are of realistic vehicles that have been beaten up over time and crudely put back together.

Todd has created a piece of concept art of a motorbike that appears to be realistic. In terms of his style, it is very similar to Michaels where t is clear that Todd has thought about where each component of the bike needs to go. However to make this vehicle feel more life like Todd has given this vehicle age. What I mean by this is that he has added rust to different parts of the bodywork to show that this vehicle has been used a large amount and has been through all different types of terrain. This is also evidenced by the fact that it has been designed to appear as if it has been crudely put back together. For example, the seat appears to be strapped on using duct tape and some cloth suggesting that this has been used a lot or gained damage from a crash.

From his artwork, I can take lots of inspiration on ways in which I can add age to my model t show that it isn’t new and to make it look weathered and endured. I also like the fact that Todd has shown the vehicle in its proper shape but done so by crudely putting the pieces of the bike back together, adding more detail to the vehicle. This is something I will certainly consider when designing so that my vehicle does not look fresh of the page