Boxer Environment


To add a definitive narrative to my boxer character that I created in one of my earlier projects I wanted to create an environment that showed both of the characters in. Since I had decided my characters where sensei and training robots I already knew that I wanted some sort of dojo within the background of the environment. I had the idea of showing the character on a courtyard, training, with mountains in the background. Along one of the mountains would be a staircase that led to the Dojo on top. I gained inspiration for this Idea from the building that houses the League of Shadows in the movie Batman Begins. By having it surrounded by mountains and trees it shows that it is remote and cut off from the world implying that few people know about this place. This then led me to sketch out a rough version of what my environment would look like.


With the environment, I went into photoshop so that I could refine the design and add colour. This also allowed me to add the final concepts I did of my character to complete the concept and show the final narrative.

Children’s Book Adaptation: Initial Environment Sketches

Coming out of the research stage of this project I began sketching different ideas for what the environments could possibly look like. I created just simple sketches of each of the major environment on the planets including Kansas, the forest, emerald city, and the munchkin islands. These were just basic ideas of what the environments could possibly look like.

From these initial sketches, I decided to begin creating the maps that would be shown in the minimap and on the menu for each of the planets. These maps were fairly simple and where basically a top down view version of the initial sketches that I did.

I also decided to do this for the galaxy map as the player would have to navigate from planet to planet and that meant that they would need a map in order to do this. I created multiple different designs of what the galaxy could look like before settling on the final version. I found that this also made a good logo which could possibly be on the front cover of the game.

My next step will be to develop these sketches further, creating multiple variants influenced by the research that I did previously. I will also use the logo and environment designs to create different ideas for possible game covers. I will also begin to create designs for what oz’s house could look like as this is a crucial part of the story. As for the maps I would like to start designing the menu as these are where the maps will be visible.



Environment Storyboard: Animatic Scenes

The finished storyboard shows all the different shots that would be shown in a full-length animatic based on the text we received. As well as this I also included a little description of what happens within every scene. This storyboard will help me create the animatic and where the different components need to be placed.

I made sure that the storyboard was simple and didn’t have detailed drawings as its main purpose was just to give me guidance. In the future, I could go back and refine a more polished storyboard that has coloured illustrations but for now, this one will be more than good enough.



Environment Storyboard: Vehicles and Environment

Moving on from the creatures I started to create some of the vehicles hats would appear in the animatic. Soe fo these were extremely simple as they are defined by their features and have to be created in a certain way. This was the train and the Skyrail. However, apart from the text says ‘ clumsy golems’ and ‘ leather wings’. This gave me lots of different ideas and I thought the typical golem would look odd and out of place. Therefore since my city is slightly futuristic I decided that the golem would simply be a man-made vehicle. The first design was a crude flying machine made from wood. This could be shown flying or on the ground with the students surrounding it and bottles around it.My other design was to simply have a leather winged glider that would fly across the sky. I personally preferred this design as I felt like it was more unique and that the golem term applied more. The aerostat was another fairly simple design which had t be a specific shape to look like what it is meant to be. However, to add my own design to it I merged it with a blimp, adding a deck to the blimp on the underside as well as propellers.

After finishing the vehicles I then began to create the specific buildings and environment that are mentioned in the text. The first I created was the mountains to the west. This was a simple creation as I simply drew triangles in a condensed area and the decorated them with snow, lodges and rocks, and they were complete. I then create another floating island that would have the parliament buildings and the organic weapon. The second I read the ‘organic weapon’ line I thought that it would be a good idea for the weapon itself to be a plant. Therefore I decided that one of the tall buildings on this island would have the plant wrapped around it with a snapper at the end.

The boiler room and the office are the only interior space which the text mentions, therefore these would be the only interior rooms that I have to create. The boiler room would be simple and simple have generators and boilers so that it is straight t the point. However for the offices I , at first, struggled with what to add. The line ‘droning bores’ gave me the idea to add lots of people to this room wandering around looking lifeless, as if they are actually drones.


Environment Storyboard: Creatures

Looking at the piece of text I began to pick out all of the creatures that were mentioned. A couple of different birds and bugs are mentioned however, I felt like it was only necessary to create one of the birds and the bugs are so small that they would only be visible as black dots. The bird I decided to create was the jackdaw. I based it off of a drawing on google as I was unsure on how the jackdaw looked. I created two variants of it in case I wanted the bird to be stood or flying.

The another creature that I created was  an animal that doesn’t exist so I had to come up with a design for it. The first thing that I did was look up ‘Aspisi’ and found a dragon-like a creature. The gave me the idea to use a similar head shape but combine it with a typical bird to create a new creature. I created multiple different variants which give me more options to use in the final animatic.

Environment Storyboard

With the piece of text that we had been given that describes a city and the atmosphere of this city, our task was to use it to create a storyboard that could be used for creating an animatic, which essentially is an early animated visualization. I started this by looking through the text and picking up the features which described the city itself. Once done I then started to create a design using my own ideas, but making sure that I included these elements. For example, the very first line of the text says ‘A city unconvinced by gravity’, which gave me the idea to have the city be on an island which is floating in the sky. I also included things such as a Skyrail, aerostats(blimps) and smoke towers.

Once my city was finished I then decided to create another view of the city, this time more up close looking specifically at the smoke towers and factories of the city. I didn’t want to add any detail sine these drawings are only to help me gain visuals for creating a storyboard. However, in the future, I may come back to these designs and add some colour to them in photoshop.

Looking back at these drawings I can already see how far my drawing skills have improved and this is without adding any detail. Hopefully, I can continue on this path and improve further.

My next step will now be to create the creatures that are frequently mentioned in the text. I will most likely do this by combining the paradolia technique with the description that is given to me already within the text.



Robot Concept: Design 3

After finishing both of the robots I decided to do a second texture variant of them which would change the theme of the robot. I decided to go for the grey texture to make it look more like a modern more armoured metal. To go with this I changed the colour of the eyes and cables to a bright green so that it appeared futuristic and as if the cables were acting more like tubing for fluid.

I felt like this design works well with the robot in making it look more lethal and armoured however it goes away from the fantasy ancient feel as if the robots has been there for centuries. This robot could be used in a future project or possibly even as a guard within the prison game as that has a sci-fi theme however the first concept works better for this project


Topology Practice

For this task, I chose a picture of a celebrity off the internet and tried to draw the topology over the top of them. For this task, I decided to choose Arnold Schwarzenegger since he had an extremely defined body. I started by working on the pectoral area as this was the center of the picture and the most defined. After I had finished I removed the image leaving only the net and could still see the rough shape of him. As well as this I also created the topology of a boat. This was fairly easy to create as the boat is a very basic shape.

Looking back at this I realize that I need more quads in the topology so that the shape is more rounded and as accurate as possible rather than flat. As well as this I also need to try to create faces using topology. This is something that I will continue to practice and try to improve.

Robot Concept: Design 2

After the first concept was finished I then began to recreate the second design in Photoshop. I decided to use the same color palette with this design as I wanted it to look like armor, especially the head as if it had been made from an old helmet from the armory. To make this more apparent I decided to edit the design by adding the crest which is commonly seen on lots of ancient warrior helmets. In this design, I decided to make it bright blue as I felt like this would be the military color since they are guarding an underwater city. Since the backpack/battery pack will have to be the most armored part of the robot I used a gray color to show that it is made from a stronger metal.

I will also do an alternate design of this which will use different colors to achieve a more modern look while still paying homage to the ancient robots.

When looking back at this design I can see things which I could be improved and some things I am glad I changed such as having the crest rather than the antennas. If I were to redesign this robot I may make it have more detail such as exposed cables and damage that it has acquired from previous battles. Similar to the first design.


Robot Concept: Design 1

After I had finished drawing a few different designs I decided to recreate them in Photoshop and add colour so that they appeared more lifelike. The way I planned in doing this is by having 2 robot designs which I will then create 2 different texture designs for.

The first design is for the robot inspired by claptrap. I wanted to use oranges and browns to appear as the robot is made from scrap metal and is ancient as better materials would not be available. I decided to g the typical red,green, and yellow cables so that they are easily visible to the viewer and shows how damaged the robot has become over the years.

In reflection to this design, I feel like the colours I have used work very well and help show the theme and time set of the robot. If I were to take this design back into Photoshop I may try to improve the amount of detail on the robot and try to add highlights to the character to show where the light is coming from.