History Of Peripherals Infographic

Now that all my research is finished and I have looked at the different infographics that have been created I decided to create my own infographic about the peripherals and how they are used in gaming. I wanted to make this as simple as possible so that the information is clear to the viewer.

Firstly I created an A3 decided on the colour scheme that I wanted to use. Again keeping it simple I choose a background colour, a title colour, and a font colour. Next I evenly separated the page into four columns, each for the peripheral. I Found four basic pictures of the peripherals on Google Images which i edited so that it was obvious what each one was and so that they were all black.

Once all the information was wrote I then wanted at the bottom of the page information about how each of them effects gaming. I separated these using arrows which pointed downwards to the information. once this was done that was the whole infographic finished, clean and simple. I kept it simple using no effects in Photoshop or clever filters.

‘Gamification’ Research

‘Gamification’ is a term that is used when typical elements that make up a game are used in marketing to attract people. This can be seen in a range of different businesses that focus on fast food all the way to drink brands


A good example of a business that does this is Mcdonalds. Even though they are a fast food restaurant chain they use gamification as a way to intrigue their customers to buy even more of their products. This is done by the monopoly event which they do once a year. The basic idea of monopoly is to collect the colours in order to place a property on top of it and earn money. Mcdonalds uses this idea in the way that when a customer buys a product they receive a small card with a colour. If they then collect all of these colours they win a free meal. The reason this works so well is because there is a prize involved. Even though the customers spend more money than the actual prize is worth it still works as the feeling of accomplishment when these tokens are collected makes the user want to play the game.


NikeFuel is a campaign launched by Nike where people all around the world record their daily exercise on an app. However, this uses gamification as the people compete against each other and earn points as a reward. This is used completely different to how Mcdonalds use gamification as there is no end reward however it offers the same outcome as the users will feel accomplished that they have managed to gain enough points to beat their friend or possibly someone they don’t even know.





Peripheral Infographic

With all the research that I have gathered on the main peripherals that are used for gaming I have decided to create an ‘infographic’ poster that shows these peripherals as well as a brief description and how they benefit gaming.

After doing some research on google about the appearance of infographic’s and the type of research that they present it is clear that there are lots of complicated, more detailed graphics, and some very simple graphics. The one thing that all of them have in common is that they show a lot of pictures to back up the information that they are showing. Some infographic’s are tutorials and show steps using arrows, others have titles numbering the steps. For genera information graphics I have noticed that the information seems to be spread out and have no order to it. A simple infographic caught my eye that shows columns for the different information. This may be simple but it delivers specific details while also having informational pictures and diagrams.

Another key bit of information that i gathered is the colour scheme on the graphics. only a select amount of colours are used so that the viewer is able to see the information presented. A different colour could be used for the different categories. Other posters only use different colours for the titles and the images. Themes can also be seen in the posters as the images used are all presented in the same way. For example the diagram could be cartoon like or use realistic drawing

Based on the research that I have gathered I feel that the best way to present my information would by having columns that show all four of the peripherals that i have researched. These columns would show an image and information about the peripheral and how it effects gaming. These four columns then point to one image of a controller, representing games. The columns will be assigned a colour so that each of them stand out from each other. The images will all be the same style and simple showing basic outlines of the peripheral.

Peripherals: Headphones

The headphones are a vital peripheral to gamer’s as they add the most immersion to video games. This is because they provide all around sound that accompanies the theme of the game and completes the desired atmosphere. It allows the player to unplug from the outside world and indulge in video games.

The headphones were first designed in 1880 to be used by telephone operators so that when there were lots of them in a large room they could hear what the person on the line was saying. It only covered one ear and had to be held there by the person. Adapting from this design in 1895 people started using headphones that were attached to a handle which would allow them to listen to the music of the local opera house, however, these were extremely expensive.

The modern design of the headphone was designed in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin. This design was used by the navy and led to its popularity. This design was further improved as it was adapted for future technology. A German company called Beyerdynamic created the first dynamic headphones known as the DT 48. At first, these headphones were not available for the public until years later and are still used today.

The latest improvement of the headphones was stereo. These were created by a man called John C.Koss. The technology of the stereo headphones had not improved much, however, it was the application that had improved. These were the first headphones that allowed people to listen to music.

The headphone and microphone are used all across the world for video games and have been improved into one device that allows the player to communicate with people online, and hear them through the headphones. This is very important in gaming as it is often done with your friends.


Peripherals: Keyboard

The keyboard is another essential peripheral for the computer as it allows users to record information in the form of texture without having to physical take notes.

Before the keyboard was invented it began with the typewriter. This was a device that put on ink on a piece of paper depending on what keys the person typed in. This was revolutionary technology that allowed people to quickly write letters despite their hand writing.

The first keyboard, also known as the teletype was created in the 1930’s. It was a combination of the typewrite technology with the telegraph. The typewrite technology would be used as the input and printing device. As well as this a machine called ‘keypunches’ were invented. Punches would be put into cards according to which keys were pressed on the teletype machine. After this they where brought over to a card-reader that would read them and collect data.

After the invention of the monitor it allowed the keyboard to develop even further. The keys that the person typed would now appear on the monitor instead of it being printed out on to paper. This was done using programming. By the late 70’s and early 80’s all computers now used the electronic keyboard however aspects of the original typewriter remained in the design for the keyboard. This aspect is ‘QWERTY’. this is the name given to the layout of the keys as the top row spells ‘Qwerty’. This is the most known layout for keyboards however in different countries such as america there are slight differences in the design such as the symbols being swapped. These designs remain today.

The keyboard caused over devices to be created specifically for video games such as controllers as the adapted the same idea of buttons that perform actions, but into specific remotes for gaming.

The keyboard is extremely important in computer games, obviously with more associated on the computer. The high amount of buttons means that multiple controls can be assigned to the keyboard that allow the player to easily maneuver the character and perform actions. It also means that shortcuts can be added which allow players to easily perform an action by simply pressing a key rather than having to press a combination. The creation of the keyboard has massively enhanced the technology of video games due to the fact that it allows players to have more control over the game. The keyboard is often paired with the mouse as the two peripherals work hand in hand to allow the player to efficiently control the game.

Similarly to the mouse companies have designed keyboards specifically for video games as they have functions which benefit video games more than general use. For example with the ‘Razer’ keyboards they offer a mode called ‘game mode’ which allows players to use a range of key binds on a specific game.


Peripherals: Mouse

The computer mouse was first invented in 1964 by a man called Douglas Engelbart. The first mouse was extremely simple and was created using a wooden shell, a circuit board and two wheels. The is only allowed the mouse to move in two directions, forwards and backwards, and left and right. also known as the X and Y axis.The mouse got its name due to its simple appearance and resemblance to a mouse. The wheels would be attached to the circuit which which activate a signal depending on which wheel was turning, which in turn activated the circuit board and caused the cursor to move on the screen.

In the year 1972 Bill English improved the mouse design by creating what is known as the ‘Ball Mouse’. A ball was used instead of the two wheel as it increased the mouses range of movement as the wheels restricted it to only two axis’ and could only move on one of them at a time. The ball remained in contact with four wheels that represented the different axis’. When the ball rolled it caused certain wheels to rotate which caused the same effect as it did with the original design of the mouse however this time the cursor on the screen would move in multiple directions.

It wasn’t until 1980 when the design of the mouse was improved even further. The way in which it was improved was by removing the ball and wheel mechanism and instead using what is known as ‘optical’. The optical uses an LED and a light detector to detect movement against the surface. The reason that this design came around was because the ball of the previous design often became dirty and caused the mouse to stop working or give the hassle of needing to be removed and cleaned.

Today the optical mouse has completely replaced the ball mouse however different companies such as ‘Logitech’ and ‘Razer’ designs these very differently, this is due to video games. The mouse has been a vital part to the advancement of video games as it would be the main source of control for the user to operate with. For example with the early design of the mouse it could be used to control the paddle on pong as it only had t move up and down. With the advancement of video games the mouse has advanced as well as there are multiple different types of mice that are best suited for different types of games. What I mean by this is that some mice have more buttons than others, these are best suited for MMO’s and RPG’s, whereas shooters and casual games would only be played on a simple mouse as the user does not need many buttons to activate the controls. The size of the mouse also effects video games as it provides a certain amount of comfort for the people that play video games for hours on end. Mice can come in all different shapes and sizes, some have a larger rest the palm and others even having interchangeable parts to satisfy the players needs.



Peripherals: Monitor

The monitor is a crucial component to playing video games as it allows the person to view the game that they are playing. If there was no monitor there would be no way for the player to be able to see what is happening within the game and how their actions have effected what is happening.

Before monitors where invented companies used a panel of lights that flashed to display the information. This worked because the information that is shown is much more simpler than it is today. As well as this people also used paper which would have information printed on it from the computer which the people had to decipher.

The first monitors called ‘Cathode ray tubes'(CRT)  They worked by using electrons that strike against phosphors causing them to emit light. This light acts as the display. These monitors where mainly used to display colourless vector graphics until eventually a new generation of CRT’s where released which could display colour. These monitors filled homes and schools and quickly took over the world.

The modern day modern is now known as an LCD which stands fro liquid crystal display. These started being created in the 1980’s however didn’t become the standard monitor until 2007 when the surpassed the CRT monitor. The reason the LCD took years to become popular is because they where very expensive and at first had many performance issues that caused them to stop working. The LCD shows a vivid, colourful display which show high quality images, text, and videos. These monitors where also much thinner compared to the CRT’s and this meant that they could be used as a display for the laptop.

In terms of video games the monitors has been a vital part in the development in video games. The first reason is because as the monitors developed more frames could be seen on them. This meant that video games could use more frames for things such as the character animations. The second reason is that the creation of LCD’s meant that more colourful textures could be seen allowing the development of video game graphics and making it look as realistic as possible.