Game Brief: Prison Simulator

For the Game Brief, the group decided that the game we would be creating would be from the prison simulator idea that we came up with.

Our group has lots of different ideas about what we could include in this game, however, the first thing we are going to do is research into already existing prisons including how they are laid out the different groups of people in there and the design of it.

A lot of inspiration for this project can also come from to shows such as orange is the new black as it shows what life is like in the prison. It also gives ideas about what task can be implemented in the game and different ways that allow the player to complete it.

CATS Brief: ‘What Is New Media’

We were recently given our CATS brief for the first semester. Our brief is about ‘what is new media’. The aim of the brief is for each off us to pick a topic and discuss how this has changed since post modernism 1950’s onward. We also have to look at how it effects culture and society or even creates new societies.

For my topic I have chosen motion capture and the way this is used in gaming. For example this would include things like the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Kinect.

Over the next week my aim is too research Motion capture including the history of it and three different theories about how ti effects society and culture. After this is done I will give my opinion as well as decided which theory I agree with