Game Adaptation: Animatic

To visualize what a cutscene would look like in my game I created an animatic similar to the one I created in the side project. Instead of creating new components for the animatic I used most of the concept art which I have previously shown.

I had the idea in my head that it would be when the character first arrives into Atlantis and the only sign of life would be the creatures and robots.

I started off this animatic by creating a storyboard which would help me remember what movements each part would be doing as well as timings. The storyboard didn’t have to be detailed as it was mainly used for planning.

I created the final animatic in after effects using mainly the scale and position tool to give the illusion of movement and so that the pieces became smaller as if they were further away from view.

In reflection to this, I feel like this animatic does help me visualize a cutscene however I feel like I could improve upon it massively by creating new components as well as a new scenario. Since this is only one location within my game I could also create an animatic for the other major locations such as the opening scene within the tavern.



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