3D Models: Cart and Props

Using all of the props that I created I decided to compile all of the props into one environment. I did this by merging all files into one and then positioning the props so that they don’t look out of place. I then copied and pasted the props so that the cart wasn’t bare and so that the props filled up the floor surrounding the cart. While doing this I made sure that the scale of all of these props was relative to each other so that nothing looked too large or too small. Finally, I added a floor and a background so that the shadows of the props allowed it to stand out, being more visible.

IN reflection to this, I think this has turned out quite well and the props all seem like they belong together. My only concern is that because these props were created over time, it is clear on which props I started with, and which I finished with. One improvement I feel like I need to make, which I need to learn how to do, is properly rendered so that the long correctly shows the shadows and the props are rendered in the highest quality image.


3D Models: Armor and Quiver

After finishing the weapons I then decided to tackle the hardest pieces of the list of props, that being the quiver, with arrows, and the helmet. I started off with the quiver Using a cylinder as the base shape. This could have already been the finished prop but I decided to add detail such as metal rims that were at the top and bottom, appearing as if they were holding the quiver together. I then added a seam down the middle and little buckles where straps would attach to the quiver. All of these made the quiver feel more life like and like it could actually be used. To go in the quiver I also made an arrow which I would copy and paste so that the quiver was full. The arrow was fairly simple as I used the tricks I learned from the sword on how to have a realistic looking sharp edge.

The hardest piece of all the props was the helmet and I found that the easiest way to create it was in separate pieces. I started off by creating the basic shape with a sphere as this gave me a rounded shape that would be used as the top. I then sculpted it so that it was similar to the original drawings that I had created. Since this was a sphere it was hard to use the bevel tool to add detail, therefore, I decided just to create the pieces separately and then attach them together. Finally, I created the wings which I used a side of a box with multiple segments so that I could adjust the shape. Then I mirrored all the pieces to create an exact copy to complete the helmet.

IN reflection to these and all the props that I have created I can see that I am improving every time I go to model something in 3D. The helmet is by far the best piece that I have created to this date, however, I know places in which I can improve on it and all of my other props. The improvement would be my topology. The wings on the side of the helmet do not have good topology which could be improved over time. As well as this I am still using a few tris which I am slowly managing to remove, making sure that the model is mainly filled with quads. However, something which I feel like I am already doing well in is my polygon count since I managed to keep this helmet prop below 600 polygons.

Prison Simulator: More Props

Looking at my to-do list I began to draw a variety of different props that would fill each different room. I first started by focusing on just one wing so that the amount of props that I had to create was a reasonable amount. Some of the props I will be using the concepts I created such as the Medical bed whereas others I had to recreate, such as the chemistry set. These pictures show a variety of props from different rooms such as the staff room, the cell, the med bay, and the electrical room. Each prop is made so that it looks like it belongs in that room. For example, the generator I used a reference picture from the internet for the shape so that It appeared heavy and very mechanical making it stand out if not in the right room. For the generator, I didn’t want it to just be plain and gray therefore I decided to add some greens and browns. The reason I added the browns was so that it could give the illusion of rust and that these generators have been here for many years. The green was because of sewer pipes and I thought this would be a good signifier of the pipes that contains fluids. The reason hat I created two versions of the x-ray machine is because it can be turned on and off. One image shows the on mode which contains a light which shines down onto the player

Reflecting on this I feel like I am slowly progressing with these props however due to the lack of detail I am unsure how they will look in the final product. Since it is a 2d game we are restricted on the amount of detail so I will just have to see how it pans out and if I will have to recreate some of the props. I also gave some of the props a 2.5D feel so that perspective could be used within our game and it also allows me to give more detail to the prop.

Final Vehicle Concept

Using the concepts that I had previously created, I further developed the ship by creating a larger sketch which contained more detail. I then took this into photoshop where I added colour, similar to my initial design, but this time more developed and finished looking.

Reflecting on this I feel like the pareidolia technique worked very well with vehicles. I also feel like by colouring in the initial models it gave me inspiration for how I can further develop it in the final concept and improve the texturing. This is something that I will continue to do in my design stage. The technique of creating a larger scale sketch of my idea also helped me with this project as it allowed me to include more detail to bring the drawing to life.

Game Adaptation: Coloured Props

Using the props that I have previously created I decided to take them into photoshop and add color. This would help identify what material that prop is made from and give me an idea of how the finished prop would look. For the brooms, I mainly used browns so that it looked like wood as this is the common material used for creating brooms. As for the cups, I decided to use a range of different colors, each for different purposes. For the wine glass, I made it appear like it was made from gold as if this cup would be used by the richer character. I was inspired to d this by existing cups such as chalices. The other two bottles I wanted to be made out of glass, however, I didn’t want them to be see through as this would negate from the texture. Typically beer bottles are a dull brown color. I felt like this suited one of my bottles since it had the typical beer bottle shape. As for the other bottle I wanted it to appear more magical as potions would be kept within this. therefore I used green so that it looked like a high-quality glass.

Reflecting on this these coloured props help show me what materials I think they would be made out of and help visualize them within a scenario. I do feel like the colouring on some of the props could be improved if created again in a larger scale with more detail.



Prison Simulator: Med Bay Props

With the sketches that I had created showing various different designs for common props that would be seen in the medical bay, I then decided to take these into photoshop and recreate them, smoothing them out and adding color. By doing this it allowed me to see which designs would work better. With all the props I used a variety of shades of gray as this is a very clean yet futuristic looking color that still adds depth to the prop.

In reflection to this, I can definitely see which designs work better however with some of them such as the med pod the choice was already made before color was added just due to the sketch. If I were to go back and design more of these props I may use pareidolia but it may not have a positive effect on my designs as these props have a unique shape that needs to be clearly visible. I will try to use this in the future props that I design to see if it will work.

Environment Props and Objects

For this task, I needed to come up with objects that would be in the interior and exterior of my environments. I did this by creating a list of common items that would be associated with these players or left there by other people. Once the list was compiled I then choose a couple of items from the list and began to design them.

Firstly I started with the beer jug and created a variety of unique designs that were recognizable as a form of liquid holder. I did this by making it so that the designs were rounded at the top to show that they were hollow. I used contour lines to do this as well.

After this, I then moved on to the broom as this is another common object which would be seen in a tavern. These designs all looked fairly similar, each having a stick and a brush on the hand. However, I changed the shape of the stick, adding extra handles on different designs, and also changed the type of brush on the end.

I then decided to develop one of the objects from the Aztec exterior and decided to do a dead fish. This is a prop as the fish is dead and the player can interact with it. Because this is a creature I wanted a unique design, therefore, I used paradolia. After creating a couple of designs I could see a few which could be further developed.