Prison Wing Concept

After we had finished the layout for our prison I then began to create concepts from one of the wings. The wing that I was creating concepts for contained rooms such as the med bay and the staff room rather than the cells themselves. The reason that I chose to do concepts of this was because I had already created a concept for the cells.

I did this by first creating the shape of the entire wing and outlining the rooms in SketchUp. I added the basics so that it was visible what each room was meant to be. For example, the staff room had chairs, a television, and a coffee machine. Once done I took screenshots of every room which I then used in photoshop to create the final concepts.

For the medical bay, I wanted to use colours which were associated with that  of a hospital. Typically this is  the colour red as it is the colour of blood and the logo. However, in past experiences, I have noticed that the main colour is actually blue as it looks clean and healthy. Therefore I decided to use this for the beds and for some of the furniture.

IN the staff room I opted for more wood like colours. It occurred to me that the chairs and tables would most likely be plastic however the colour would blend into much with the walls and not stand out, therefore I opted for the wood look. The sofa I made the typical red colour so that it looks cheap as they wouldn’t be fancy furniture within a prison. Finally, the vending machines were bright red and bright blue. This is so that they stand out as usually vending machines would be in public places and need to be visible from a distance. Therefore it looks as if these vending machines are second hand rather than specifically made for prisons.

The storage room was the same case as the shelving units would typically be grey but the colours would run into each other and it would be hard to tell where they began and ended, therefore I went fro the wood look. For the boxes, I went with a light orange/brown so they looked like cheap cardboard that had been damaged over time from things such as water.

Prison Simulator:Concept Art

Similarly to what I did in my other projects, I decided to create a piece of concept art for the Prison Simulator. I wanted to show off one of the larger rooms in the prison that would have two floors and be surrounded by cells.

I did the usual process of creating a 3D model in SketchUp. This model was based on the sketches that I drew, which I showed in the previous post. This model was fairly easy to create as it mainly containing cell bars and the cell themselves were exactly the same.

I took the model into photoshop and used mainly grey colours as the research I did show that the colours and design are very simple. I Also used some dark browns fro the railings and the tables so that they appeared rusted. This was emphasised when I started to use the dodge and burn tool to show the light coming down from the ceiling as well as the age of the building.


Game Adaptation Concept: Exterior

For this task I had to create a piece of concept art of an exterior of a building. I decided to do an Aztec style temple that would be in the Atlantis like city part of my game and also give it features of the environment. This included things such as a path, street lamps, and even a fountain.

Similarly to the burger shack piece I started off creating a Aztec temple on Sketchup using reference material that I found off of google. Once this was done I then used the 3D warehouse to add in other items like the fountain and street lamps. As well as this I wanted it to feel like no one had been their in a long time, I did this by adding bushing around the temple that had overgrown and rubble scattered around covering parts of the path and grass. I then took this into Photoshop and added colour to it. Instead of going for the realistic colour of the Aztec temple I decided to give it a more eastern clean look by using yellow which made it look like sandstone. I then repeated the process I used before of using the burn and dodge tool and all the parts of the environment to add depth and make it look worn rather then brand new and untouched.

Photoshop Self Portrait

To carry on experimenting with the dodge and burn tools I did a self portrait on photoshop from a picture taken a  couple of years ago. I used colour which were as similar to my hair and skin colour as possible.

I was happy with the final outcome however I feel like I could have done better on the lighting of the face but for a first attempt onto a human I don’t think its too bad. I will carry on experimenting with this and hopefully improve.


Pareidolia Burger Shack

For this task, I used pareidolia to try and come up with unique designs for the exterior of a burger shack. I did roughly five before I found one that I really like and wanted to develop further.

The first thing I did with this image was recreated it in SketchUp so that I had a 3D model which I could screenshot and gain the correct perspective. This also allowed me to add little details such as generators, cookers, and propane tanks. Once I had taken a screenshot I then brought it into photoshop where I started to add color. The color brought the image to life as it portrayed what each surface was and what it was made out of. For example, the roof was a gray, silver color which showed that it was made out of metal.

I then used the burn and dodge tool which we previously learned about to give depth to the model and made it looked aged rather than new and only just placed there. As well as this it also showed where the light was hitting the building and allowed me to create a ray of light that didn’t look out of place that came from the spotlights behind the building. I then simply added a simple background that showed the time of day and what the setting was like without drawing the viewers attention away from the burger shack.