Prison Design: Medical Robot Arm

For this task, I wanted to create pieces of futuristic technology that would be in the medical bay of the prison. I started off by creating a list that had all the possible objects that would be in this medical bay, futuristic or not

I used inspiration from red dwarf and iron man where there are robots that are just a multi-tool arm. I started off by drawing lots of different designs for this, inspired by things such as lamps, the death probes from Star Wars, and microphone stands.

After this was done I then proceeded to develop two of the designs further, creating alternate versions. One of the best things I liked about the first designs was that the main cable that powers the arm is visible, therefore I decided to wrap it around the arm leading up to the grabber.

In reflection to this, I feel like these designs are good however a lot of them are very similar. Never the less they all bring different shapes into the design which allowed me to even combine some of them when developing the designs further.



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