Environment Props and Objects

For this task, I needed to come up with objects that would be in the interior and exterior of my environments. I did this by creating a list of common items that would be associated with these players or left there by other people. Once the list was compiled I then choose a couple of items from the list and began to design them.

Firstly I started with the beer jug and created a variety of unique designs that were recognizable as a form of liquid holder. I did this by making it so that the designs were rounded at the top to show that they were hollow. I used contour lines to do this as well.

After this, I then moved on to the broom as this is another common object which would be seen in a tavern. These designs all looked fairly similar, each having a stick and a brush on the hand. However, I changed the shape of the stick, adding extra handles on different designs, and also changed the type of brush on the end.

I then decided to develop one of the objects from the Aztec exterior and decided to do a dead fish. This is a prop as the fish is dead and the player can interact with it. Because this is a creature I wanted a unique design, therefore, I used paradolia. After creating a couple of designs I could see a few which could be further developed.

Game Adaptation Concept: Exterior

For this task I had to create a piece of concept art of an exterior of a building. I decided to do an Aztec style temple that would be in the Atlantis like city part of my game and also give it features of the environment. This included things such as a path, street lamps, and even a fountain.

Similarly to the burger shack piece I started off creating a Aztec temple on Sketchup using reference material that I found off of google. Once this was done I then used the 3D warehouse to add in other items like the fountain and street lamps. As well as this I wanted it to feel like no one had been their in a long time, I did this by adding bushing around the temple that had overgrown and rubble scattered around covering parts of the path and grass. I then took this into Photoshop and added colour to it. Instead of going for the realistic colour of the Aztec temple I decided to give it a more eastern clean look by using yellow which made it look like sandstone. I then repeated the process I used before of using the burn and dodge tool and all the parts of the environment to add depth and make it look worn rather then brand new and untouched.