Game Adaptation: Vehicles

for my environment, I noticed that I had a range of different characters, props, and creatures, however, I did not have any type of vehicle. Since the major part of my game will be set in the water I thought that it was fitting to create a boat. I started off using the pareidolia technique so that it would give me unique shapes.

The boats that I created where a mixture of fantasy, medieval and modern. I took these designs into photoshop where then added color to show what materials these boats were made from. Two of the ships appeared to be more modern so I decided to use grays so that they appeared to be made out of metal. I used the burn and dodge tool to show the rust of the metal and also the shadows. For the other ship, I colored it brown so that It appeared to be made out of wood as this would have been the most likely material that the ships was made from. In this case, I used the burn and dodge tool fro a different purpose as it was more to give the grain of the wood so that it didn’t look plain.

I feel like these are a good variety of designs that show different types of boats that could possibly exist within my environment. I could now develop these designs further so that they include more detail and give me an even better idea of what the final product would look like. If I am able to I would also like to try modeling one of these in 3ds max as I feel like this would be the best way to gain a 360 view of the ship.




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