Creative Futures Summary Post: Semester 2

Vehicle Design Project

The brief

Michael Tschernjajew Research

Atomhawk Research

Todd Marshall Research

Vehicle Research

Initial Sketches

Developed Ideas

Physical Model

Final Vehicle

Creating A Bridge

The Brief

Pattern Language

Bridge Research

Concept Art Research

Lasso Technique

Initial Sketches

Lasso and Photobash

Final Bridge


Bridge and Printer

Experimenting and Rendering

The Boxer

Full project

Boxer Environment

Pride and Joy

Full Project


Creating and Inventory

Full Project

Anatomy and Portrait

Human Anatomy




Introduction to Games Design Summary Post: Semester 2

Game Models and Ludic Loop

Game Models 

Ludic Loop

Children’s Book Adaptation

The Brief

Initial Ideas

Concept Art Research


Environment Sketches

Character Weapons

Heads Up Display

Developed Environments and Game Cover



Mobile Game Concepts

Group Game

Individual Game

Source Control

Source Control

Rabbit Heart

Character Concept

Game Testing

Test 1

Test 2