Pareidolia: Lasso Technique

Since Pareidolia is the act of seeing imagery within different shapes. I have done lots of pareidolia using marker scribbles in my sketchbook but today I used another Pareidolia method and this was by using the Lasso tool in Photoshop. Using this tool I randomly drew onto the canvas and changed the hue and saturation to that it stood out from the background. I then looked to see what I could find within the imagery. With my first attempt, I found that if I turned the image upside down I could see a volcano surrounded by a lake and trees. I added more pareidolia this time with some control as I was starting to know what my concept would consist of. After a while, I decided to take a break and move on so that when I came back with a fresh set of eyes I could see new imagery within the shapes. My second attempt is the one which I feel went extremely well. With my first pareidolia, I could see a spaceship vaguely resembling that of the X-wings from star wars. From there I knew that I wanted multiple of these ships in the air to appear as if an invasion of the earth is occurring. When creating the environment someone said to me that they could see a desert made up of the rocks and mountains. I then decided to use this and quickly expanded on it. I applied my previous techniques, adding more colour and shadowing to the concept so that it didn’t appear as flat. It also allowed me to separate the rocks from one another as they were all the same colour. I feel like this is another good pareidolia method especially because it is digital. I will definitely be using this again to help me with my future projects.


Game Adaptation: Vehicles

for my environment, I noticed that I had a range of different characters, props, and creatures, however, I did not have any type of vehicle. Since the major part of my game will be set in the water I thought that it was fitting to create a boat. I started off using the pareidolia technique so that it would give me unique shapes.

The boats that I created where a mixture of fantasy, medieval and modern. I took these designs into photoshop where then added color to show what materials these boats were made from. Two of the ships appeared to be more modern so I decided to use grays so that they appeared to be made out of metal. I used the burn and dodge tool to show the rust of the metal and also the shadows. For the other ship, I colored it brown so that It appeared to be made out of wood as this would have been the most likely material that the ships was made from. In this case, I used the burn and dodge tool fro a different purpose as it was more to give the grain of the wood so that it didn’t look plain.

I feel like these are a good variety of designs that show different types of boats that could possibly exist within my environment. I could now develop these designs further so that they include more detail and give me an even better idea of what the final product would look like. If I am able to I would also like to try modeling one of these in 3ds max as I feel like this would be the best way to gain a 360 view of the ship.



Game Adaptation: Pareidolia Creatures

To gain more visual for the game adaptation project I created concepts using the pareidolia technique. From the creatures that I created, I then took three of them into photoshop so that I could add color and have a better understanding of what these creatures would look like. So that the colors weren’t simple I used the burn tool to make the creatures look dirty and add shadow in certain places.

I feel like these designs are good in the fact that they are extremely unique and different from one another. I do feel like Imay need to continue experimenting to create more creatures, especially ones that appear more frightening.


Game Adaptation: Robot Pareidolia

Even though I had already created four different designs for the robot I wanted to continue to explore different designs to come up with a unique looking design. I did this by using the parabolic method which gave me unique shapes for the robot that I wouldn’t have thought of without pareidolia.

After this was done I then took two of the characters and developed them further by creating alternate designs. I did this for the bug looking robot and the tank looking robot. I gave them all unique designs that gave a different theme for the game.

My favorite of the designs was the bug-like the robot which had an art deco style engraving on its panels. The robot was one of the unique designs that I came up with and is unlike anything I have previously seen in other games or movies.

To reflect on this I feel like I now need to take this design further in photoshop by making different variants of the robot that gave it a different role. For example, one would be a soldier while another would look like a medical robot.


Pareidolia Burger Shack

For this task, I used pareidolia to try and come up with unique designs for the exterior of a burger shack. I did roughly five before I found one that I really like and wanted to develop further.

The first thing I did with this image was recreated it in SketchUp so that I had a 3D model which I could screenshot and gain the correct perspective. This also allowed me to add little details such as generators, cookers, and propane tanks. Once I had taken a screenshot I then brought it into photoshop where I started to add color. The color brought the image to life as it portrayed what each surface was and what it was made out of. For example, the roof was a gray, silver color which showed that it was made out of metal.

I then used the burn and dodge tool which we previously learned about to give depth to the model and made it looked aged rather than new and only just placed there. As well as this it also showed where the light was hitting the building and allowed me to create a ray of light that didn’t look out of place that came from the spotlights behind the building. I then simply added a simple background that showed the time of day and what the setting was like without drawing the viewers attention away from the burger shack.


For this task we had to practise using Paradolia. What this means is to create unique objects without inspiration from previous knowledge. We were given a list of different objects of which we had to choose one of them.

I decided to choose ‘laser pistols’ which meant I had to draw 20 ‘squiggles’ that each had unique shapes but could still be turned into weapons. I did this by making sure each design had a part of it that could act as a handle. The unique curves provided shapes that would appear to be science fictional or alien. I used a highlighter to create the patterns for the weapons as when drawing it would create thin and thick lines.

The below image shows all 20 of the patterns that I created each looking different from the other.  From these patterns I can they take the ones which I feel worked the best and create alternate designs of them and even take them into Photoshop to create the final weapons.