Game Mechanics: Achievements

This game mechanic is used to reward the player and commonly happens outside of the game. Commonly used to level up the player’s profile. Steam and Xbox use achievements for every game on their systems that level up the player’s profile showing other players the skill of that player.

Telltale Batman uses this mechanic as a way to show the player their progress into the game. When the player reaches a certain part of the game they will receive an achievement that appears on the screen.

DC Universe Online has an in-game achievement system, unlike most games that reward the character of that player with unique items. The achievements are gained for completing all different task such as completing certain parts of the story or for performing a combo such as defeat 5 enemies within 10 seconds.

In my game, I would make it so that the achievements affected the player in the game. If the player earned the achievement they would receive awards that benefited their character or vehicle.

Game Mechanics: Appointment Dynamics

This game mechanic is where events happen within the game depending on a specific circumstance. A popular way this mechanic is used is by having time events where certain things happen depending on the time set on your computer or console.

A good example is in Lord of The Rings Online. At popular holidays in the year such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas there will be a festival where the players can complete unique quests which are only available at that time of year and collect rewards that show they were from that festival, For example, a pumpkin helmet to show Halloween.

The Forza franchise also uses this mechanic in the form of rival races. When the player drives through certain areas of the map they will see other racers speed past which trigger a race with them. This can happen in random places and does not always depend on the time.

I would use this mechanic similarly to how LOTRO uses it which is to have events in te game that happen on popular holidays. The reason I would do this is because it would mean that the players know when the events are happening.




Game Mechanics: Bonuses

This mechanic is fairly straightforward as it is used to give the player extra rewards that will benefit them further in the game or simply make them feel better about themselves. Sometimes bonuses can be received if the player has completed a hard task, other times it can happen no matter what so that the player enjoys the game more.

A good example of a game that uses this mechanic is Super Mario Bros. After completing a certain amount of stages the player will load into a bonus stage. This will be in the form of a stage that is filled with coins that the player can collect to increase their score.

Similarly, too before this is also done in Crash Bandicoot, however, the player is timed. The player runs through the course collect as many apples as possible but can not go back if they miss any. This benefits the player in the same way as the other example as it increased the player’s score.

If I were to use this mechanic in my own game I would make it so that it works alongside the combo mechanic. If the player is able to complete a combo or a shortcut that the game did not tell them about then they will receive a bonus award.


Game Mechanics: Combos

The Combo mechanic is where a movement is activated within a game by pressing a certain sequence of buttons in a certain order. This relies on the skill of the player as they have to remember these sequences to complete the action and have to do so in a short amount of time.

This is mostly used in ‘Beat Em Up’ Games, also known as fighting games. A good example of a game that has lots of use of this mechanic is Mortal Kombat. The player can do basic punches and kicks with the buttons but by completing a sequence of the buttons it will perform a special attack that does more damage to the enemy.

Another time this mechanic is used is in a game called Party Panic. This is a game compiled of short mini games. In one of these games the players participate in an eating challenge. In order to eat more food than your opponents, you must press the sequence of buttons that are displayed on the player models.

If I were to use this mechanic In my own game it would be in a fighting/beat em up a style of game. This is because it makes the player memorize moves and relies on the skill and memory of the player rather than just displaying the combo.