Pareidolia Burger Shack

For this task, I used pareidolia to try and come up with unique designs for the exterior of a burger shack. I did roughly five before I found one that I really like and wanted to develop further.

The first thing I did with this image was recreated it in SketchUp so that I had a 3D model which I could screenshot and gain the correct perspective. This also allowed me to add little details such as generators, cookers, and propane tanks. Once I had taken a screenshot I then brought it into photoshop where I started to add color. The color brought the image to life as it portrayed what each surface was and what it was made out of. For example, the roof was a gray, silver color which showed that it was made out of metal.

I then used the burn and dodge tool which we previously learned about to give depth to the model and made it looked aged rather than new and only just placed there. As well as this it also showed where the light was hitting the building and allowed me to create a ray of light that didn’t look out of place that came from the spotlights behind the building. I then simply added a simple background that showed the time of day and what the setting was like without drawing the viewers attention away from the burger shack.

Perspective Drawing: City

Continuing with the experimenting of the horizon line perspective drawing I wanted to try to create the skyline of a city. I did using using simple shapes such as cubes and triangles to make a simple skyscraper. I clustered the buildings together so that it would look busy and have resemblance too a major city.

Once done I then took a photo of this and then began working in Photoshop. Firstly i recreated the lines using the brush tool and then added the base colour for the buildings, this being a light grey. Next i decided to add more detail to the buildings that make it obvious that these are skyscrapers. The first thing being windows. Since these are skyscrapers the actual windows wouldn’t be visible so I decided to just draw small lines.

After this was all done I added lighting to the buildings using a tool I learnt at University which is the burn and dodge tool. This showed how the light effected the building and also gave the city age so that it did not look clean and new. Once done I wanted to add finishing touches so that it was clearly a city and so that it was in an environment. I added roads and made it a small island on the sea. Again using the burn and dodge tools to make it more organic.


Perspective Sketching Improvement

For this task I carried on experimenting with the contour lines and horizon line so that it would help me improve my 3D understanding of objects and the design process that artists use to create the monsters we see in game.

Firstly I repeated the process of drawing random shapes and adding contour lines to make them look 3D and give them shape. After this was done I then started to develop the shapes further creating different kinds of objects. For example some of the objects became oddly shaped spaceships and one of them even became a helicopter. I even had a few which allowed me to create unique monsters. I wouldn’t have been able to create any of these objects if I had tried to create without the shapes as i would have taken inspiration from video games and films and created objects similar to ones that I have already seen.

One this was done I then decided to carry on experimenting with the vanishing points but this time using cut outs and drawing shapes in close quarters of each other. By creating a cube and then placing a cylinder inside of it, it allowed me to cut the cylinder shape of the cube leaving a gap within it. I placed lots of different shapes in perspective however all of different sizes. The shapes created an environment which could be expanded on for a video game.

3D and Perspective Drawing

For today’s lesson we learnt how to make drawings on paper look 3D. We did this by using shadows, shading, and dotted lines. We practiced using circles, the shadow would be a distorted version of it that appeared on one side of looking as if the light was coming from the other side.The shading would also give the same effect as it would be added on one side to show that the light is not hitting that part of the sphere. I found that the dotted lines gave the best illusion of the 3D shape.  It was also useful in cutting shapes out of the sphere, for example in physics books when it shows the layers of the earth. This was done using cured lines and also drawing what they would look like on the back side of the sphere. With these lines it was easy to draw the cut out from it. Another task that we did using the contour lines was to draw a random shape and make it look 3D.

After this was done we then moved on to perspective drawing using an horizon line and vanishing points. I felt like this was very beneficial to me in improving my drawing skills as it gave me a better understanding for how environments look. This task was done by drawing a straight line, known as the horizon line, then adding 2 vanishing points. I decided where I wanted the cube to be and drew straight lines from both of the vanishing points. This allowed me to draw a cube in the correct proportion.

Finally after I practiced this I then wanted to recreate a street as part of an environment. I used one vanishing point and created an ally in perspective. The aim was not to add detail but to add all the main features such as windows and doors in the correct proportion. Since my aim is to become an environment artist I felt like this was important in helping me to further my understanding of 3D environments.