Children’s Book Adaptation: Battle Scene

The final part of the Wizard of Oz project was to create an animatic showing a battle within the game.

For this, I decided to use my previous concept of the emerald planet and had the fellow group members make small soldiers which I could animate and make look as if they were fighting. I created it in After effects as it easily allowed me to animated the individual components. After moving all the soldiers to the centre of the battlefield I felt like it could use something it to finish it off. I decided to add smoke coming from the centre, as if one of them has let off something magical, and also a bonfire in the background possibly coming from a burning village. These were both done with the particle playground effect.

The purpose of this animatic is to show the separation of good and evil and how they are at war. The would possibly be shown as a cinematic in the game before the player begins fighting amongst the soldiers.

Game Adaptation: Animatic

To visualize what a cutscene would look like in my game I created an animatic similar to the one I created in the side project. Instead of creating new components for the animatic I used most of the concept art which I have previously shown.

I had the idea in my head that it would be when the character first arrives into Atlantis and the only sign of life would be the creatures and robots.

I started off this animatic by creating a storyboard which would help me remember what movements each part would be doing as well as timings. The storyboard didn’t have to be detailed as it was mainly used for planning.

I created the final animatic in after effects using mainly the scale and position tool to give the illusion of movement and so that the pieces became smaller as if they were further away from view.

In reflection to this, I feel like this animatic does help me visualize a cutscene however I feel like I could improve upon it massively by creating new components as well as a new scenario. Since this is only one location within my game I could also create an animatic for the other major locations such as the opening scene within the tavern.


Finished Animatic

With the storyboard complete and all the components drawn I was able to start creating the final animatic. I removed the backgrounds from all of the components in photoshop so that the images could be layered on top of each other without white boxes covering them up. In after effects I used the position, rotation, and scale tools so that I could add movement to my images and make the animatic appear 3D. For example, as the birds flew around the back of the island I scaled them down so that they appeared further away.

After all of the components were animated I needed to add the finishing touches mentioned within the text. This being about the poisonous smog and smoke. I used the particle playground effect to create something which looked very simply to smoke. I made it originate from the smoke stacks and also had it across the sky from the start so that it appears as if it is always there.

I feel like doing something like this has really helped me visual the potential of my creations and also allows me to see a simple version of what the final animation will look like. To improve on this further I may add color to the components to improve it further visually.


Environment Storyboard: Animatic Scenes

The finished storyboard shows all the different shots that would be shown in a full-length animatic based on the text we received. As well as this I also included a little description of what happens within every scene. This storyboard will help me create the animatic and where the different components need to be placed.

I made sure that the storyboard was simple and didn’t have detailed drawings as its main purpose was just to give me guidance. In the future, I could go back and refine a more polished storyboard that has coloured illustrations but for now, this one will be more than good enough.



Environment Storyboard

With the piece of text that we had been given that describes a city and the atmosphere of this city, our task was to use it to create a storyboard that could be used for creating an animatic, which essentially is an early animated visualization. I started this by looking through the text and picking up the features which described the city itself. Once done I then started to create a design using my own ideas, but making sure that I included these elements. For example, the very first line of the text says ‘A city unconvinced by gravity’, which gave me the idea to have the city be on an island which is floating in the sky. I also included things such as a Skyrail, aerostats(blimps) and smoke towers.

Once my city was finished I then decided to create another view of the city, this time more up close looking specifically at the smoke towers and factories of the city. I didn’t want to add any detail sine these drawings are only to help me gain visuals for creating a storyboard. However, in the future, I may come back to these designs and add some colour to them in photoshop.

Looking back at these drawings I can already see how far my drawing skills have improved and this is without adding any detail. Hopefully, I can continue on this path and improve further.

My next step will now be to create the creatures that are frequently mentioned in the text. I will most likely do this by combining the paradolia technique with the description that is given to me already within the text.



Animatic Practice

As a side project in the Creative Futures brief, we are creating a storyboard and animatic that visualizes a city from part of a novel. To learn how to create this animatic we imported different layers that together create a scenario. To bring them to life we added keyframe and gave them movement. After making all of the pieces move the full environment had been brought to life and was complete.

I have used After Effects frequently in the past and doing this exercise reminded me of the skills I had in this program. I feel like this will help me when it comes to creating the final animatic.