3D Models: Christmas Cracker

Due to it getting close to Christmas we had to choose a Christmas related item to 3D model. I decided to do a cracker as it meant that I could create two versions. One sealed and one opened with the toy out of it.

This was fairly simple to create as I used a cylinder to create the basic shape. II then changed the scale of the ending edge so that I had the cone-like shape. To make sure it was quads I replaced the end caps making sure it had no tris. Finally, I used the symmetry modifier so that I could create the entire cracker making sure all parts were exactly the same.

When making the open version I used half of the cracker and simply created the ripped edge by moving the edges randomly. I then used the shell tool to give the inside of the cracker depth, overwise it would be flat. I wanted the toy to be simple as usually all the presents within a cracker are simple and cheap. Therefore I just reshaped a box so that it had a sloped bux and a cockpit. I then added wheels on the side with tread marks.

reflecting on this I think these crackers may be simple but effective in allowing me to practice and complete a task using my own abilities. It also allowed for me to experiment and come up with multiple solutions. What I mean by this is that I was able to create a complete cracker and a used cracker with the toy showing.


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