Rage Watercooler: Questionnaire

To help further test the Rage Watercooler game as a group we began testing it again. This time we started off with a questionnaire giving details about the type of person I am including what type of games I like and how regularly I played games. I presume this is done as a way of measuring if it appeals to a regular gamer.

I then tested the game playing both versions for roughly 15 minutes each. Since I have played it before I remembered the basic idea of the game. After finishing I then completed another questionnaire. This one was more specific to the game. For example, it had questions saying if the game would be played regularly and if it was easy to understand.

After finishing the survey my main complaint was the way in which information was given to the player. Since it was all told the very second you start to play it is easy to forget and you end up with no clue what to do. To improve this I think it would be good to implement the cascading information mechanic. This was only little bits of information would be shown when the person needs to know it. Allowing them to easily learn the game.


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