Children’s Book Adaptation: Weapons

I wanted to take a break from working on environments and decided to have a go at some of the weapons for the characters that my fellow teammates had designed.


Tinman is the sci-fi character of the group so instead of a traditional weapon I knew I wanted it to be some form of a laser rifle.

Initial Sketches

I started off by using the pareidolia technique to come up with unique shapes that could possibly be developed into a weapon. By doing this I was able to avoid recreating a weapon that already exists. There was control with this method as I knew that the gun was going to be a rifle therefore with most of the designs I tried to implicate that look, making sure it had a stock and a long barrel, however, I also created other forms of weapons to see how it would work.


When done with the pareidolia I started to develop multiple different designs in a hope to make one my final design.  This helped me to refine my designs, adding detail as well as clearly outlining what the gun looked like.

Scan_20170403 (4).png

Final Gun, Photoshop and 3d Model

With the developed guns I was able to come up with a final design. I liked certain aspects of the different guns I designed and combines them together to create my final gun. With this, I went into photoshop. I wanted to add colour to imitate the materials that it would be made out of to help visualise what it would be like in the game. Finally, I wanted to go even further. I decided to 3d Model this gun as this would give the final outcome to what could be used within our game. I feel like this is a good design for tinman’s gun as it captures the sci-fi element and contrasts the fantasy side of the game.

The Wicked Witch

I also took it upon myself to create the weapon for the witch. This, however, did not follow the same process as the tinman gun as I already knew what weapon I wanted to create and by making it up as I went along I was able to come up with a design

Scan_20170407 (3).png

Photoshop and 3D Model

Similar to before I went into photoshop and added colour to finish off this weapon. I wanted the weapon to appear as if it had a connection to the witch rather than just a weapon that they use. The way I did this was by having the ‘hilt’ of the scythe the same colour as her skin. It also had a bright yellow gem in the middle which appeared to hold her power. This connection is then shown by the fact that the witch has the same coloured eyes.


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