Rage Water Cooler: Testing and Feedback

To help improve a game that is currently in the alpha build I had a play with it, exploring the different mechanics of the game to see what worked and what didn’t. The purpose of the game is to teach people about the conditions of a games design studio as well as the problems they face when interacting with thew other members of staff


The game is easy to understand, giving relevant tutorials straight away on how the game is played and what the objective is. It effectively shows the conditions of the workplace including the workload and the problems relating to the staff and how they are to be dealt with. The game shows all of the major departments and in the long version does a good job of showing that in a smaller company the project manager will do the majority of the work. The working of the game was really easy to understand as I knew straight away that the colour of the card corresponded wit the colour of someone’s desk, meaning it had to be given to them.

My favourite thing about this game is the control that is given to the player in the long version. Since they gain more staff as they level up it slowly eases them into the game and allows them to get a routine of the best way to keep the staff in the best possible mood to achieve the best outcome.

Another good thing about this game is that even know the purpose of it is to educate people on the atmosphere of a games studio it is good just as game to kill time with. Most likely to played on the mobile or as a browser game. The animated style appeals to the younger audience as well making the game appear more fun and not just a boring listen and learn game.


The game has a few problems but this is understandable since it is in an alpha build. The first is the lack of dialogue.  When interacting with the other staff your choices can effect the mood bar. However, upon talking to the same staff member again, the conversation is repeated. After a while this then makes the user aware of the best answer for that person with just a quick glance, making it so that they don’t actually learn how to cope with that situation but just improve memory skills.

One improvement that could be made was the way that the staff members mood changes. The second they don’t have work to do they become ‘bored’ and their mood bar begins to drop. A lot of the time this can not be helped as the max amount of workload is already going around. I also feel like this is not very realistic as when first finishing your part of the project you are more likely to feel relieved and if anything, the mood bar should increase.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think that this game is extremely well done considering it is in alpha. There are a lot of bugs which are to be expected for an alpha game. The point of the game is clear and offers a lot of information about how a project is handled in the workplace.


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