CATS: The Wedding Dress

Ryan Green

BA (Hons) Games Design

Hull School of Art and Design

Open University


The Wedding Dress is a significant piece of a traditional western wedding. The design of the dress not only shows off the bride and makes her stand out to all that attend the wedding but also reflects on the type of person underneath the dress. For example, the most common form of wedding dress would usually be made from silk which means that the dress appears of a high quality reflecting on the person underneath as it shows them as wealthy.  As well as this the style of the dress gives a similar view. An extravagant and highly detailed dress will instantly be recognised as extremely expensive whereas a simple dress will be considered the cheaper more common option. This may not be true as it could just be that it suits the bride’s taste.

The colour of the dress is also significant. In the western part of the world, the traditional colour for a wedding dress is white. This is because the colour white is considered pure and implies that the person wearing it has either a pure soul or is now becoming pure by getting married (Ellen Scott, Metro) The Wedding dress is also clearly exaggerated in the lower portion as it flails out and drapes across the ground making the bride look elegant and makes them stand out from everyone else in the room. Giving the idea that she is the main focus of this event.

An Important part of the wedding dress is the veil. This is a headpiece which covers the entirety of the face of the bride until it is removed by the husband to be. The reason the veil first existed was because in the ancient times of greek it was used as a way of protecting the bride from evil spirits but then it was also believed that it was a symbol of Chasity. ( Rachel Morgan, Weddingideasmag) In the modern times, it is mainly worn as a piece of fashion as it is a recognisable accessory to the wedding dress and considered vital to its appearance.

The picture shows the bride holding a bouquet of flowers which is very common in the western wedding. The first reason that these are seen is because the bouquet is used as a way of choosing the next wedding.  The colour and type of flowers int he bouquet is also important as they are roses. These are often associated with love due to them being elegant and a bright vibrant red. This is possibly used to show the passion and love that gives the reason for the wedding.

As part of a western wedding, it is traditional that the father walks the bride down the aisle. This is shown as a symbolic way of giving his daughter away to the husband to be. This is now seen as old-fashioned as it was originally done to show that the father was giving them away for a price.



Why do brides wear white on their wedding day?





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