Children’s Book Adaptation: Research

Since my role in our group is environment concepts I wanted to start by looking at work on the internet by other artists that are possibly related to the style we have chosen and can influence me in my work.

Dorje Bellbrook

Dorje Bellbrook is a video game concept artist for Bungie in Seattle that has worked on huge games such as destiny. The pieces below are examples of work she has done for this game. I found these pieces in particular as it gives me a lot of inspiration on different ideas and structures that could possibly be in my forest world. The bottom piece showing ancient structures and a portal gives me an idea that this world could contain man-made structures such buildings, bridges, and ships. However, these structures will have been abandoned and nature has taken over and grown across the structures making them barely visible.

The space concept is a great piece that helps me as I know for each environment in our project I want them to be different planets. However, I was unsure on how I would easily show what the planets contain. This concept is quite simple but does help me as the artist as simply shown the planets using different colours. Then when the player is closer to it the planet contains more detail such as clouds and possibly the larger structures that are key places on the planet. The final part of this concept that I like is the fact that more than one planet is visible in the shot. This firstly confirms that it is a sci-fi setting as no planets are that close to earth.  The planets are extremely close to each other which I feel is a good thing as it gives the player an idea of where they are likely to be heading off to next.

Agnes Staudt

Agnes Staudt is a an art director that has worked on games such as Tomb Raider and Crysis. When looking through her portfolio I tried to find pieces which will help me with different planets to my previous research. I managed to find pieces that show structures on unique islands surrounded by water. This helps me on how I can design the ocean planet. Since this planet will be the location the player starts when they are first transported it needs to have some resemblance to the munchkin village. This gives me the idea that the village could be more of a tribal town spread across multiple islands, then connected by hanging bridges. Since the planet is covered in water the island is surrounded by fishing boats as this would be there the only source of food. Since this is one of the starting locations of the game I feel like it needs to be bright and tropical so that it looks interesting to the player and makes them want to play more of the game. However on the flipside, I could use all of these pieces as inspiration and have it so that it starts off with stormy weather that cause the structures to appear run down, but as the player progresses through the game it starts to become clear, and the town becomes restored.

Sebastian Gromann

Sebastian Gromann is a concept artist from Germany and I stumbled across his artstation when I was trying to look for good research on different styles of farms. As the beginning of Wizard of Oz is set on a farm in Kansas. I thought it would be a good idea to keep with that where the beginning is still set on a farm on earth. I found the right image extremely inspirational as the farm looks to be futuristic due to its vast size as well as the platforms that act as bridges over the top of the farms, allowing the use of more room to be cropland. This gives me lots of ideas on how I could mix the futuristic aspect with the traditional elements of a farm such as barns, metal shelters, and tractors. The other image relates back to the ocean planet as it gives me ideas about parts of the island which could have possibly been flooded and caused it to become boggy yet still usable as a resource gathering area.

Aurelie Moine

The final artist that I looked at is Aurelie Moine. She is a freelance artist that has created some environment pieces but mainly concentrates on character design. I found the first piece interesting in relation to the ocean planet as it mixes the styles of sci-fi and fantasy. This is because it has traditional simple structures made out of wood and stone with mythical creatures surrounding it, however also has spaceships flying by and another planet positioned extremely close to this one, giving the element of a sci-fi atmosphere. The second image is the most inspirational piece that I found from this artist as it gives me an idea on how I can design my sleeping poppies planet. Since I already have a forest planet I wanted to stay away from that and this gives me the idea that it could possibly be the baron or covered by desert and instead of having sleeping poppies, have areas containing radiation or odd looking plants that release gas into the air. This also offers a good contrast to the other planets which I have designed so far as it gives a better range of environments for the player to explore to ensure that they don’t become bored.






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