Children’s Book Adaptation: Ideas


  • Yellow brick road bit it has obstacles which will block the players from progressing and it can only be achieved by fulfilling a quest, defeating a boss or a puzzle.
  • Fantasy themed turn based game
  • One main objective and you must complete certain traits to progress
  • Steampunk where everything is mechanical and life e.g. forests are destroyed
  • Sci-fi theme where areas are planets e.g. Emerald city planet, gaining influence from star fox. Yellow brick road can be a yellow galaxy
  • Sci-fi with fantasy primitive tech



  • Environments: Ryan’s
  • Character: Me
  • Objects and Vehicles: Connor



Party what can join after you do a special mission

  • Tin man
  • Lion
  • Scarecrow
  • Playable character (Dorthy)
  • Companion (Toto)

NPC’s: None villainous

  • Munchkins
  • OZ
  • Good witch (Guide)

NPC’s Villainous

  • Wicked witch (Main villain)
  • Flying monkey (Minions)



  • Kansas
  • Forest
  • Emerald city
  • Witches castle
  • Crossroads
  • Poppyfield
  • Yellow brick road
  • Munchkin village



  • Red shoes
  • Gifts from Oz
  • Bubbles (Quick travel)



  • Hot air balloon
  • broom stick



  • Lion: Tank ideal, High strength
  • Scarecrow: Defence/Distraction, high intelligence
  • Tinman: Healer but focus on himself, high magic
  • Dorthy: Hopeful hero


PERUS: Player equips

  • Intelligence
  • Strength
  • Attack
  • Health
  • magic
  • Charisma



  • Hack and slash
  • Turn based

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