First Time Texturing

Using my previous model that I made based upon a telephone, I had the task of adding texture to it so that it was realistic. To do this I created a UV map. This was simple as all I needed to do was go into 3ds Max, add the UVW modifier and then use the flatten filter. This laid all the faces of the model out for me to view. By clicking on each individual face of the model it showed me the corresponding part in the UV map.


I then took this into photoshop where I could add a texture using the uv as a guide. I went into google and found an image of a grey plastic so that it showed the correct material of the telephone. I used this in photoshop to then texture my uv map. So that the texture didn’t appear to big I made sure I choose one with a scale of 1024×1024 and then scaled it down in photoshop. This meant that I could multiple the texture across the entire map so that the pattern was small and only visible up close.Once done I added an LCD display so that this part of the phone was not plastic. This could then be simply added as a material in 3DS Max and then rendered.

Overall I feel like this isn’t bad for my first time texturing. However it certainly could be improved. If I were to spend more time on it I could add multiple textures to the different buttons and even a better LCD display.

textured phone.png


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