Low Poly Telephone

In 3DS Max I had the task of modelling a telephone based upon pictures that I had taken of a real life one. The telephone had to be as close to the real scale as possible and have as low poly count as I could get them.

This task was fairly easy as I only needed to use two boxes. One for the phone, and one for the base. The buttons and indents would be added using the connect tool and the bevel tool. I also used the technique from the hard surface modelling task and added a chamfer to the phone so that the corners were not as harsh.

Final Render.png

I found this task very interesting as it allowed me to find new ways to complete tasks and minimalize my poly count. I was also able to grow more confident wth the bend modifier in comparison to the previous projects as I found new ways that it could be used so that it bends different parts of a shape. I used this modifier for the actual phone itself.


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