Hard Surface modelling

To improve my 3D skills further we were provided with the task of hard surface modelling. What this means is making it so that when a texture is applied to a model, corners are not so harsh and are less visible. We did this by finding an example on the internet and trying to replicate the result.

For this task, I decided to a floor. I found a picture on the internet that I liked and recreated it in 3DS Max. To remove the harsh corners I added chamfers to all the 90-degree angles so that they where moe rounded and smooth. This was the easiest and quickest way to hard surface the model ready for texturing. I only recreated part of the floor since it is a recurring pattern.

This is something that is extremely helpful depending on what it is that I am modelling. For example with my previous project, the motorbike, I don’t think this would have helped so much as there were a lot less sharp angles. However, it is perfect for environment models.



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