Individual Mobile Game Concept

In the previous project, we had to come up with a basic idea for a game using 1 core mechanic. In this project I have to do the same thing, however this time I will be doing it by myself rather than in a group.

Flappy Bird

This game has one core mechanic which is jumping. The aim of the game is to pass through the gaps in the pipes while the screen automatically scrolls to the right. As the player passes between the pipes they gain a point which is added to their score. If the player hits the pipe they die and the game restarts. This is an extremely simple game that not only has one core mechanic but only 3 mechanics overall. However, this is is what makes the game as good as it is. This simple yet frustrating game is very addictive as players want to beat their friends and obtain the highest score. I feel like this might be something I take into consideration with my idea as it is simple yet effective.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is a game using augmented reality. The player travels around real life space in the hopes of running into Pokemon. These Pokemon can then be captured by the player. As well as this the player has the ability to use these Pokemon at gym battles against other online players. The core mechanic of this game would be the Catch Mechanic. This is because the aim of the game is to catch all the different Pokemon that can be found around the world. This game was so popular due to how unique it was. No other games on the mobile used real life to dictate how the game is played. Augmented reality is a key feature that no other games had done before and is what allowed Pokemon Go to be as popular as it was.

Initial Ideas

1.Fighting game using a brand tie-in. The characters in the game based upon the Looney Toons.

2. Shuttle flying upwards through space dodging meteors and enemy ships.

3. City builder. Player creates his own city by making land residential, commercial, industrial. The player gains the ability to upgrade buildings and add unique structures as they level up.

4. Play as sonic is an automatic side scroller. Player has to jump to avoid obstacles.

Final Idea

My final idea for this project is the shuttle game. The reason for this is because I feel like it is the most simple of my ideas yet will be an effective idea for a game as the scoring will make friends compete against each other in an attempt to gain the higher score.


The only controls that the player has within this game is that they can move left or right. Occasionally they will gain thew ability to turbo boost forward. This ability will make them invulnerable for a brief moment, allowing them to escape situations where they would die. However, this takes a long time to charge up.


As the player passes by each asteroid they gain a point which is added to the score.


The hud for this will simple. At the top of the screen is the scoring system. At the bottom is an arrow on either side which are buttons that the player presses to be able to turn. If the player is playing on tilt mode then these arrows will not be on the screen.





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