Presentation: Bridge and Printer

Bridge Development Sheet

To finish off the bridge project I created a concept sheet which showed the relevant sketches that took me from the beginning of the project right up to the final Photoshop concept. This sheet was mainly images with a small body of text that explained my initial idea for this project as well as how it could be used within a video game. To improve my concept further I also adding a ‘band’ which gave the image a title as well as showing that it was made by me.



Printer Concept

In 3D I had the task of creating a 3D model based of of a large scale printer. After modelling and rendering I went into Photoshop and created a concept sheet. This concept sheet was done so that the different sides of the model were clearly visible in one image as well as specifically identifying what the model is of with a title at the top.


I tried to use the same style of presentation for both of these concepts so that I can develop my own unique technique and easily identifiable way to see that this is my work.

I feel like creating a presentation makes my work look more cleaner and organised, it is certainly a good technique that I have picked up. It enables the viewer to see the key pieces of this project and how it has developed without having to go through files and folders looking at images and text files.


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