Developing 3D Skills: Printer

For this task, I was given an image of an object that was somewhere within the college. I had to find the object on my own and acquire my own pictures to use as reference later on.

After doing this I began this project by sketching out the printer in the multiple different angles that I could see. To make it easier when I go to 3D model I repeated the technique I used in the previous project where I tried to separate the printer into separate parts. This way I could visualise the shape of the entire printer easily.


With my sketches, I then went into 3ds max and began modelling the printer. I used the separate piece sketches that I did as a guide on which piece to start with and how to progress. I found that this was mainly just cubes which needed to be bevelled and chamfered. This meant that I could easily keep the poly count as low as possible.

I felt like this prop was easier than the Iron that I previously made as it had a lot fewer curves and attention to detail. Especially because the whole backside of this prop didn’t need to be modelled since it was up against a wall.

I rendered the final model using the same lighting rig that I used with the Iron as it saved time and made more sense for me to use it rather than recreate the same rig.




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