Mobile Game Concept

The aim of this task is to create a mobile game that has one base mechanic. This will make the game simple and easy to understand.

Initial Ideas

  1. Silly achievements that drive the game
  2. Customize a character
  3. Make food game
  4. design a ship
  5. racing game
  6. dinosaur riders
  7. planet destroyer
  8. connect the electron
  9. spread the infection
  10. destroy the castle
  11. defend the castle
  12. music game
  13. snail road game
  14. speed run game
  15. dreamscape (go through worlds, turn based rpg)

Final Idea

Dreamscape, Disney brand tie in

Our final idea for this is to create a 16 bit role playing game where the player has to travel to multiple different worlds with the hope of defeating the bosses and collect a piece of the reward, known as dream drops. The player completes the game by collecting all of the pieces.

core mechanic: quests

sub-mechanics: discovery,levels, and cascading information, urgent optimism, customization

5 different world, adapted from Disney movies, where the player has to travel to each world to defeat a boss and collect and item.

Worlds: Numbers indicate world order

3.Incredibles: tropical island (villain, syndrome)

5.Wall-e: scrapheap (villain, auto)

2.Bugs life: grass hopper hideout (villain, hopper)

1.Wreck It Ralph: Candy Land (villain, turbo)

4.Alice In wonderland: Wonderland (villain, red queen)

Playable Character:

customizable, boy or girl

Since we decided that the game we would create a concept for we also thought it would be a good idea for each of us to create our own world since there is five of us in the group. The idea is based upon the Disney universe, therefore each world has to be related to a Disney book or movie. The movie I chose was the Incredibles which contained lots of different environments. In my opinion the tropical island is the most iconic environment from this movie is the tropical island as this is where the team unites and are introduced to the villain. The dream drops design is specific to each world.





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