Children’s Book Adaptation: Initial Ideas

To start off this project we began by doing simple Idea generation. We spoke to our group and wrote down all the different ideas that we could think of.

We then wanted to do the basic breakdown of the children’s book which included the environments we would have to adapt as well as what characters we wanted to use. For the environments, we picked the key places where important parts of the story happened. For example, the reveal that Oz was a coward in Emerald city.

After breaking down the characters into different groups such as heroes, villains, minions, NPC we decided it would be a good idea to decided what the point of the characters where. This, in turn, led us to gain ideas on how we could possibly have the combat in our game. We wrote down different possibilities as to how we could have attributed to the characters and different roles. These were all just initial ideas and are something that will be decided after we have researched into this and came up with a solid idea.

For the concept stage of this project, we allocated roles to the different members so that everyone had one piece they needed to focus on before we bring it all together. My role in the group will be environment design. Therefore my next stage will be to look at concept art relating directly to the wizard of oz as well as concept art of different environments and different themes which I feel might work for our game.


Ryan- Environment Concepts
Jemma- Character Design
Connor- Props, Objects, and vehicles


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