Mini Brief: Bridge Lasso and Photobash

To help with the experimental stage of this project I decided to go into photoshop and experiment with different tools, creating simple that concepts. When doing this I didn’t add any detail as the purpose of these was just to give me an idea of what could possibly be my final bridge idea or even what I could use for the narrative.

I used the lasso technique while also adding simple colours so that I had a visual for one of the concepts. As well as this I tried a new technique called Photo bashing. What I did for this was add a bunch of photos into photoshop and then try to position them to gain an idea. I had the idea for this concept that the bridge was made up of a bridge from a crashed plane which gave the narrative of possible a dystopian time set. Therefore I added a chasm with mountains and a skyline in the background. This gave me the information that I needed for a basic concept and I then decided to lasso over the top of this as all of the images made it hard to see what I wanted the final outcome to be. Just like the other concepts I didn’t bother adding any detail since it had already given me the idea of the crashed plane bridge. One of the concepts I gained influences from the jungle piece that I looked at in my research stage.



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