Mini Brief: Initial Bridge Sketches and Development

After finishing my research I decided to start drawing some initial sketches that will help me to gain a final Idea. At first, I wanted to familiarise myself with the different types of bridges, specifically the ones that I found the most interesting. II drew my own version of each of these bridges, trying to consider what visual element made them that type of bridge. For example, the long pillars and support cables clearly indicated that the bridge was either a suspension or cable-stayed type depending on if the cables were curved or straight.

I then moved on to designing my own type of bridge. Just like with my other projects I decided to use pareidolia scribbles as this would give me unique shapes. If I were to just start drawing to come up wth my initial ideas I would probably be heavenly influenced by popular bridges and bridges that I see on a day to day basis, such as the Humber Bridge. When drawing some of these bridges I could see lots which I felt could be further developed and add more detail to them.


Using all of these sketches I then developed some of the pareidolia sketches. I did this on the ones that I felt had potential and some of the other designs were abandoned. For example, the ‘cage’ looking bridge which is obviously a truss bridge I felt like it didn’t look unique and just looked like an already existing bridge, perhaps influenced by the research that I previously did. When developing my sketches I tried to create alternate designs so that in the future I can then expand on them further or possibly combine the designs and so that I could implement the different bridge types into my designs. Just to help with the next stages I also annotated my sketches so I roughly knew what each piece of the bridges was and what theme and time set fitted them the best. This would benefit me when applying a narrative and a background to the final concept.

Next, I will take these sketches and experiment with them in photoshop adding various different colours to fit the theme and the narrative. As well as this I’m going to make a real model using various craft items so that I can visualise all angles of my bridge and how it will work. This should lead me to my final idea


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