Pareidolia: Lasso Technique

Since Pareidolia is the act of seeing imagery within different shapes. I have done lots of pareidolia using marker scribbles in my sketchbook but today I used another Pareidolia method and this was by using the Lasso tool in Photoshop. Using this tool I randomly drew onto the canvas and changed the hue and saturation to that it stood out from the background. I then looked to see what I could find within the imagery. With my first attempt, I found that if I turned the image upside down I could see a volcano surrounded by a lake and trees. I added more pareidolia this time with some control as I was starting to know what my concept would consist of. After a while, I decided to take a break and move on so that when I came back with a fresh set of eyes I could see new imagery within the shapes. My second attempt is the one which I feel went extremely well. With my first pareidolia, I could see a spaceship vaguely resembling that of the X-wings from star wars. From there I knew that I wanted multiple of these ships in the air to appear as if an invasion of the earth is occurring. When creating the environment someone said to me that they could see a desert made up of the rocks and mountains. I then decided to use this and quickly expanded on it. I applied my previous techniques, adding more colour and shadowing to the concept so that it didn’t appear as flat. It also allowed me to separate the rocks from one another as they were all the same colour. I feel like this is another good pareidolia method especially because it is digital. I will definitely be using this again to help me with my future projects.



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