Mini Brief: Bridge Environment concepts

Bryan Marvin

Bryan Marvin is a character designer fro the Philippines however, has indulged into environment concepts as well. One piece of art that he has created struck out to me due to how he has implemented bridges into his design. Looking at this piece I can tell that the structures are meant to look crude and simple as if they were put there by ancient cultures or that with primitive technology. This can also be seen with the bridges which are placed so that the society can easily pass across the river/waterfall. To fit the theme of this concept the artist has made sure that the bridge is also crude. This can clearly be seen by the ‘wavy’ flow of the bridge and un-sturdiness showing that the culture there gave little design when using wood to put this bridge together. It also seems like the artist has thought about the age of the environment as well as it appears as if the power from the water and the debris that passes through it has caused damage to the bridge. This maybe another reason why it looks crudely put together.



Wanbao is a concept artist from China who previously worked for Webzen. Looking at his portfolios I found multiple pieces that have incorporated bridges into the environment. All of them seem to be in a ‘medieval’ style. The way this theme has been shown within the design of the bridge is by having them appear huge. This is showing by the large supports repeatedly shown on the underside of the bridge as well as by showing the entrance to the next scene at the end of the bridge. The repeated spikes along the bridge help it to fit within the ‘demonic’ theme of this concept as they appear to make the entrance look more intimidating. On one of Wanbao’s other pieces, he has incorporated the bridge into the story of the concept. Since the concept appears to show a wizard like character fitting a dragon Wanbao made it so that the bridge is half destroyed with the character stood on the edge. By doing this it gives a backstory to the piece and implies that the character has been fitting the dragon for a while resulting in the destruction of the bridge.

Neal Liu


Neal Liu is a concept artist that works within the games industry and the film industry as well When searching through his portfolio I found a piece that showed a bridge in a completely different way t the previous artists that I have researched. With the other artists, the point of the bridge is to complete the scene and add a realistic sense. However, with this concept, I feel like it is more of a focus since it is the largest structure and ends at the front of the image. This feels to me like the point of doing this is to try and make the viewer imagine themselves within the painting, looking onwards to the rest of the bridge and what lies at the end of it. The theme of this is also different from the others as it looks more modern, futuristic as the purpose of the bridge is to be a fly over rather than something that connects over a gap. It is hard to tell if the bridge is floating or not since the pillars appear as if they are intersecting with the roads below and cutting them off. This gives me inspiration on what I can do to show that my bridge is the modern/futuristic theme by using technology such as lighting and curved shapes. However, it also gives me information on something I feel like I shouldn’t do and that is to have parts of my bridge which don’t seem to fit. This concept may just be a photo bash but I feel like the pillars intersecting the city take the immersion from the concept as I feel like it doesn’t make sense.


Links to Artists Portfolios

Bryan Marvin P.Sola

Wanbao Sci-fi and Fantasy

Neal liu Portfolio

Ming Fan Portfolio

Ming Fan is a concept artist that typically creates environment concepts based on fantasy worlds. Bridges can be seen in lots of his work but the one that interested me the most doesn’t actually have physical bridges. The concept simply shows a forest filled with different animals and plant life. But what caught my eye was the way that Ming had designed the trees in this concepts. He made it so that the trees had branches stretching widely which in my eyes acted as bridges, leading from one tree to another. This may not be a man-made bridge but it still connects one place to another, making it a bridge. This certainly gives me lots of inspiration as this technique makes it so that the bridges are subtle and not obvious to the viewer. Only by looking at it multiple times did I realise that these where bridges. It also gives me inspiration on how I can design my bridge as I don’t have to make it obviously man made. I could have it just as nature or something that has incorporated nature into its design.



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