Mini Brief: Creating a Bridge

For Creative Futures we were given a mini brief of designing a bridge. The only requirement of this bridge was that it is an actual physical structure with the purpose of making a crossing over a gap or allowing access to a reachable place. The final piece can be in the form of a 3d model, a 2d concept, a 3d concept, or even an animatic.

I annotated the brief, breaking down each segment so that it was easier for me to have a step by step guide of how I should take this brief on. As well as this I also wrote down things which I feel will help me in the upcoming stages of this project. For example the different type of bridges that I know from my own knowledge.

My first step in this project will be to first look at the different types of bridges around the worlds and what makes them bridges that type and how they relate to one another. Using this I will then look at the work of others and what they have created and how this has had an influence on their outcome no matter what theme the bridge is in.




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