Mini Brief: Children’s Book Adaptation

The aim of this brief is to adapt an existing children’s book into a role playing game. we were given a book at random so that we were not biased and had our hearts set on a specific choice. The book which my group is adapting is ‘The Wizard Of Oz’.

I am glad that we got this book as there are lots of different elements to the story as well as a wide range of characters that we can explore and adapt upon. The story of a wizard of oz is very straight forward allowing us to have a good starting point which we can they add our own creative input upon.

The first step of this brief will be to go and read the book so that I can take all of the main plots points out of it as well as the character attributes and main elements of the environments. The reason I will read the book rather than watch the movie is because movies tend to skip out of parts from the book and miss out on important things. In my case, this could mean that I can lose out on something that would make for a good part of a game.

The Wizard Of Oz


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