Vehicle Concept: Final Vehicle

Sketchup Model

After finishing all of my sketches I then went into Sketchup and created a simple version of my final sketch. I did this by combining multiple different objects from the warehouse including an existing sci-fi jet, a raptor, and jet thrusters. The model was crudely put together and had lots of gaps but it was enough to give me a better idea for my final concept. I then added my own pieces so that everything fit together correctly. With this done I then took multiple screenshots which I could use as a guide in photoshop as it gave me the correct perspective of my model without me having to try to figure it out.


In photoshop I used the screenshots from Sketchup as well as the sketches to draw the outline for my model. This allowed me to create the side view, the front, and the back of my jet. I create the outlines and then began to add the colour. Using the previous reference pictures of fire trucks I wanted my jet to be the same colour scheme so that its purpose was obvious. Therefore I made the jet red with a white stripe. Just like with the other concepts that I created I used the burn and dodge tool so that my jet had weathering, detail, and shadow. The reasoning behind the orange cockpit window rather than the blue is because I felt like this is more unique and fitting to the theme of the vehicle while also adding to the sci-fi feel. I also added the number ‘F7’ as from the vehicles and just from vehicles that I have seen I have noticed that all service vehicles have a unique tag so that they know which vehicle is which. IN this case, I did F since its a fire truck, and the seven was random.


Looking back on this project I feel like I have gone about the execution in the proper way as I did enough research and initial ideas before I moved on to the next step. I made sure my work was presented as professionally as possible and that my ideas were my own showing what inspired me and how I got to the final outcome. If I were to go back and redo this project I feel like I may do more photoshop concepts as this was the first mini brief was the only concept work that I did was the final version. As well as this I may create an environment for my ships such as a spaceport or just a sky scenery. This way it gives a setting and shows what the ship is like in use. The reasoning behind the colours that I used in the final concept reflects on the real life counterpart to this vehicle.

When completing this mini brief I made sure that I used the design process so that I  paced myself and spent enough time on each part of the project. The design project mainly included Research, Design, Develop, Present, Develop, Refine, Present. I used this process by gaining initial ideas and then expanding on them to a point where I felt like they had to be abandoned or could be further developed. This then led me to refine and create my final outcome

Use of this Project

This project could be used mainly for science fiction or fantasy games, most likely in 3D as The concepts I developed to show the model in 3D. This vehicle could not be used in any game as the style and design of it means that it only fits within certain time sets. For example, this vehicle would look very out of place in a medieval game and would look odd in a modern game as the technology of this vehicle would appear more futuristic then the surrounding objects



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