Vehicle Concept: Developed Ideas

Carrying on with my sketches I decided to take some of my initial ideas and develop them further. I looked at multiple of the designs that I started with and improved on them further and even combined some of the designs together as I felt like this was the only way that development could be made. I went into more detail with these drawings and experimented with different types of water cannons and jet engines. Looking at the real life versions and what they roughly look like. The reason I did this is so that on the final design the canon would look like a water canon and not a gun, and the jet engines would look like jet engines.

Some of my initial designs were abandoned when trying to develop them as I felt like they didn’t make much sense and that the initial design was as far as I could go with these. The best example of one of the abandoned designs is the motorbike. This design may have been unique but I felt like I was limited on how I could design it and yet keep it looking like a bike. I want my vehicle to be realistic and by having lots fo equipment and detail on this design it just wouldn’t look right.

Reflecting on this I feel like I am making good progress with this mini project, exploring all my options and developing as much as possible. Now that I have narrowed down my ideas I can begin to create a real life model and a sketch up version before I proceed into photoshop. The initial research that I did has impacted me a lot in my development stage as I have used similar techniques and try to adapt from the themes of these artists. This is shown by the use of simple smooth shapes that make u my vehicles, using lots of curves which give it a unique shape


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