Vehicle Concept: Initial Sketches and Ideas

Starting off the design of this vehicle I decided to use the pareidolia technique to gain lots of different shaped vehicle that would be unique and nothing like already existing vehicles. Just from doing this, I could already see a theme happening as all the ships and motorbikes started to look sci-fi. I continued with this technique until I felt like I had a reasonable amount of drawings.

Looking at these drawings I then decided to expand on them further drawing larger scale versions which were more refined and included more detail. Since these are still just initial concepts I didn’t go overboard with the amount of detail, instead, I tried to just show the main features. I created multiple different versions of each drawing so that I had more ideas which I could then further develop and even fuse together with another to create my final idea. With all of these designs, I wanted it so that it wouldn’t be clear what this vehicle was used for. The reason I did this is because in real life and in most movies the same model vehicle is used for different purposes and just modified to show that purpose. The only part of the design which related to the fire truck was that all of the sketches has the water.

Reflecting on this I feel like this is a good start into this mini project. I need to continue what I am doing, experimenting with lots of different designs and developing them as far as I can before I settle for the final one. I like how the shapes of the jets are turning out as they appear to have the futuristic theme however vehicles such as the motorbike look modern. I will try developing them further to correct this.


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