Vehicle Concept: Fire Truck and Vehicle Research

Initial Idea

My Initial idea for this mini brief is to design some sort of fire truck. The reason I want to do this service vehicle is because these are rarely seen in video games in different themes rather than just realistic. I am unsure at the moment what type of vehicle this will be or what theme but with some basic idea generation and research I will quickly find a design.

Fire Trucks

Looking at real life fire trucks it is clear that the design of them is fairly similar no matter where you go in the world, however, I want to move away from this design and create my own interpretation of it in a different time set. The only piece I want to definitely take from eh real design is the gun which fires the water as this is the major identifier to what the purpose of the vehicle is.

Vehicle Research:


Looking at various different images on the internet of jets it is clear that they are designed in a specific way so that they are more aerodynamic. The basic shape of most fighter jets is a triangle. The engine is usually exposed at the back so that it propels quickly extremely fast. Not only is this done for function but adds to the character of the jet making it unique as these are obviously very expensive and make the jet look ‘cooler’. If I were to go with this form of vehicle it is certainly something that my design would need to have. However, it could also be adapted to a fantasy car as this is not realistic but would still function the same.

Car and Motorbike

The car is the most common and obvious form of transportation and is the current form of the real life fire truck. By general knowledge I know the simple design of a car and that it has 4 wheels, a bonnet, a boot, and the seating area. Franchises such as Star Wars have taken this basic design and given it a sci-fi touch by making it hover but keeping the simple shape of the vehicle. This is certainly a common form of transportation that would be easy to develop into my own design however, I feel like it is not unique and is too similar to the real life version.

Motorbikes are a form of a vehicle similar to cars except that they can only have 2 people on them and they only have 2 wheels. This is a much smaller vehicle that has an easy simple design. This could be a good form to use for my fire truck as it would be extremely unique and practical as I could design a motorbike that had the signifying features of a fire truck with the small sleek style of a bike.

Reflecting on this research I feel like there are lots of different types of vehicle that my idea could be. The most unlikely are the car since this is similar to the already existing fire truck. The jet would be the most unique as this is an air vehicle and can be designed in all different types of ways. I will have to experiment with my designs before settling on a final vehicle.

Futuristic Vehicles

Since my vehicle is going to be futuristic I thought it would make sense to look at existing concept art for futuristic vehicles to give me inspiration on how I can use this theme for my vehicle. Looking at a piece of work from Tron Legacy, created by Daniel Simon, I can immediately see a technique which he used to show the sci-fi element of this vehicle. What Daniel did was have a long yet thin shape for the body of the vehicle which appears to be extremely curved yet smooth. This has been designed purposely like this so that it can only fit one person inside. This adds to the futuristic theme as well as the sleek body is a simplistic element commonly associated with futurism. I feel like this has worked extremely well in Daniels work as I can immediately see the desired theme. I also think that by using these large vehicles he has combines two different types of vehicles as the body reminds me of a sporty race car due to its small shape, whereas the large wheels suggest an off-road vehicle. By combining the two it creates a fantasy vehicle as this is something, not realistic.



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